Chapter 124 - Owner and the ruler

Chapter 124 - Owner and the ruler

"You're crazy, huh! Alex can see my body later." Mala blushed while covering her body. Sia smiled seductively.

"What are you worried about, madam, even though you've also had sex with her?" The girl had grown up. Everything she went through was enough to show the traits of a complete human being.

Hearing this, Mala was speechless. She ventured to take off her clothes and take a hot shower. Bathing with enough milk will weigh you down, but Sia advised Mala to enter the rain before entering.

'Sweet,' thought Mala. Unexpectedly, she had fallen asleep in the pool. She didn't know how long it would take her to wake up while Sia was already sleeping on the wide bed. Even though she rolled around didn't make her body fall.

The pearl also circled the food that never ran out until she fell asleep on the plush and soft sofa. Alex, who couldn't sleep, wanted to go around the place. The guards at the door guided Alex so he wouldn't get
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