Chapter 141 - Bat the messenger

Chapter 141 - Bat the messenger

At that time, Mala will disappear from the earth. Existence as a demon lord will trigger a stable world even worse than the aliens. She had been hiding that big secret from Alex all along.

If it weren't for her life being threatened as the demon king's core strength, Mala would naturally not care about the fate of humans on earth. In contrast to the demon lord, who cares deeply about humanity.

"Madam, come on." The sound of Sia's invitation stopped Mala's reverie at the picture. Alex accepts Mala's suggestion not to get too involved with Medusa's relationship or other gods. The animals seem calmer after being invited out.

They finally found an oasis that Medusa could use to herd. The place was more comprehensive than the oasis they had last encountered along the way. There are a lot of fields and grass that thrive.

One of the livestock leaders walked there. He stood on one log stuck in the ground downhill for the owner to tie.
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