Chapter 146 - Run before he gets up again

Chapter 146 - Run before he gets up again

"At least we have to get out of this desert quickly and leave the sheep here," he added while fixing his supplies.

However, Alex's information from Vilbat was a bad omen if they did not leave their shelter immediately, hastily, and painstakingly pack their belongings and sheep to continue their journey before the giant creature they had just encountered rose and attacked again until no time limit.

A giant creature given Anubis' love caused the creature never to be destroyed even though it had perished and died. Mala's mental condition toward the animals taking part in the journey will slow their journey, so she feels sorry if they left the animals in the oasis.

Mala worries about the sheep with thick fur, but behind the adorable-looking coat that can bring death if no one cuts the animal's hair, so they gather to discuss and decide to get the animal with them until they find someone who wants to take care of them.

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