Chapter 150 - Manipulating men

Chapter 150 - Manipulating men

"Wait, why should I?" Ask Alex. He objected to Mala's unilateral decision.

"Maybe you can explain that," Mala replied. A group climbed up the tree to find out Alex's condition. However, they could not eavesdrop on or approach the room because of the extended distance from the building covered by window panes.

They were shouting her name "Alexa" from outside, although it couldn't be heard. It would definitely be noisy if she opened the window door. As Mala said earlier, Sia hoped Alex would do the straightforward task.

With encouragement and coercion, Alex finally wanted to do this, as well as knowing how much Kitsune's attractiveness is now so that he could expect her temptation one day. Alex shuddered even more. The hair on his body stood up instantly.

Finally, they came out of the room, and sure enough, Ron and Alex's followers were increasingly crowding the places and scrambling to ask about his situation. Some brought flo
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