Chapter 160 - Be careful

Chapter 160 - Be careful

"That's right. Why did I remember now?" She said.

"But the place we went to was uninhabited and did not have a palace building." She added again.

Sia tells Mala to recall the places they visited before. So maybe Alex can keep all the gold coins and bars that are not in the owner's hands so that they can be used as travel capital when they pass through places that will make the three of them difficult.

Alex patted Sia's shoulder not to push too hard. After about an hour, they circled the place before finally getting there. A stopover was reminiscent of a place you've seen before.

However, the ornaments and the arrangement of the decorations are slightly different. Alex didn't know who was sitting there, whether he was a mystical being, a magic user, or a monster filled with evil powers.

"Raise your heads," he said.

At the same time, the three of them raised their heads to see whom they were talking to. He's an enormous body
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