Chapter 163 - Dusk elsewhere

Chapter 163 - Dusk elsewhere

They were told to change clothes or buy one of his offered swords. He couldn't dodge or hide for now. Finally, each of them picked up one outfit at random.

50 coins had to be taken out of Alex's pocket; he felt helpless when his gold coins left the number 200 and finally told the difficulties he was experiencing with everyone who followed him.

The winnowing was not much different from the residents there, and they finally walked through the big city that was first stepped on after a long time.

"By the way, where are the things we got from selling sheep's feathers?" Mala and Alex immediately remembered their inventory. None of them reminded him that the previous luggage was stuck there.

They finally held ample supplies and were sufficient to continue the journey back because they barely had anything for now. The more heroes invited to go, the greater the expenses Alex has to sacrifice.

It turned out that the emptiness of his
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