Chapter 163 - Sneak peek.

Chapter 163 - Sneak peek.

Not only was there one child trying to disturb his rest, but there were many voices of a child wanting to see his current figure. The noise outside finally forced Alex to meet them, trying to be calm so as not to hurt them.

"Hey, she's gone." The voice became clearer when Alex was at the door.

Alex still wanted to play with them, so he peeked a little from behind the door. This time five children were scrambling to look at the window, and even more amazingly, there was a girl who was also busy rubbing together to see.

With jugs arranged to make measuring height easier, the foundation used was not strong enough to withstand shocks because of the encouragement of his friends. Alex held back his laughter so that no one would hear, and there was even a struggle for the girl to fall.

Alex thought she would cry or run to complain about the incident to her parents, but she was amazed by her courage to push the child, which caused him to fa
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