Chapter 181 - A chance for Alex

Chapter 181 - A chance for Alex

Searching and finding it, Alex saw the sky move. Remembering his purpose here interrupted Draco's story.

"I'm quite happy with your story, but can't you help me now?" said Alex. Although he didn't expect Draco or Vilbat to help him at least, he hoped the animal left so Alex could continue his work.

"Sorry, then. What can I do?" Draco asked.

"Could you find Mala and tell me I'm waiting for her on the ground floor?" Alex replied.

"Is that scary girl?" Draco asked. Alex couldn't help but laugh at his joke.

"Okay," Draco answered quickly. Unexpectedly, the animal had already flown into the sky and walked down a large building with shining lights. Being small and able to fly at will is another advantage point.

Alex pulled himself up from the sofa. Seeing the girl beside him still sleeping, he couldn't bear to leave her alone. The night wind was quite cold. He tried to peek, and no one was there.

A chance for Alex to
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