Chapter 189 - A glimmer of light

Chapter 189 - A glimmer of light

A child's attitude also often appears, and Krisna is already tired from walking too far. Alex offered to carry him because there was no way the cow could lift two people at once.

Krisna also felt sleepy and wanted to fall asleep. Alex walked in front while offering her back to the ride. Not long after, Krisna accepted his offer and lay down in that place.

"Thank you very much for accompanying the boy to look for our cow." Cry, Krishna.

"Ah, no, it's all thanks to you, Lord Vishnu. I want nothing bad to happen to this kid if he's alone in the woods." Alex replied. Finally, Krisna fell fast asleep, and Alex went faster than before.

In fact, it takes two to three hours to penetrate deeper and pass through the lake they usually use to catch fish. Alex took the little boy to his house. The road was relatively quiet, and only a few adults were doing their activities.

The small and simple house still has a glimmer of light fill
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