Chapter 195 - Getting unstoppable

Chapter 195 - Getting unstoppable

"Should we empathize with his circumstances?" Ask Alex.

"I mean, he's just an ordinary kid to the naked eye." He added again. Mala held the nape of the man sitting while maintaining the children's groceries hard. His behavior meant that Alex immediately realized who he was talking about.

This is not the only time they have fought over not caring too much every time they stop at a place. Krisna came to them. He was interested in the girls' chat and Kitsune sitting on a park bench.

The whole body felt like it was undergoing execution for trial. Mala told Alex to take over the pressure. Even though he has often interacted with such a small child, there is still a feeling of worry about doing the wrong thing.

"Is there Krishna?" Alex asked, trying to give the things he had bought. Alex thought maybe he wanted to take whatever he got in the city of Dwarka. The hustle and bustle of the people were getting unstoppable.

This ti
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