Chapter 197 - Get permission

Chapter 197 - Get permission

They discussed that the food they ate and tasted for the first time in their life was the same as the food of Dwarka but that it was too unique for someone born in their city to say.

Both appearance and taste are very different, but the texture feels the same. Adorable faces appear as if they are solving a mystery case. Sia, who doesn't want to be left behind, joins the children's conversation.

She mingles quickly with small children, whereas the noise of the scramble annoyed Mala to be heard. Those who didn't participate in the conversation with Sia started asking Sanao and Nana various things.

Curiosity about Casual's clothes that look different from the others. Some even say that Alex's group caused a discussion in the city of Dwarka for the first time.

Rara, who didn't want to be left behind, told of her first meeting when she found herself and her mother shopping at the market.

"I didn't expect Miss Kitsune to work with
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