Chapter 207 - A magnificent

Chapter 207 - A magnificent

Although it sounds annoying when their mouths always say, "Give us some gold coins, give me food," and others, that doesn't mean they can arbitrarily drive them away.

"If you want to protect them, follow us immediately, so no one gets hurt." The leader said again while looking at Alex and the others haughtily. To protect them, Alex complied with the man's wishes and walked behind like a bunch of convicts.

Along the way, he never stopped playing with his whip to chase away people who wanted to get close to Alex and the others. He was a little relieved by this. He kept his promise not to hurt people.

Just like the situation in the city, the roads used also don't look good. It was common to find several people dying of hunger and illness. Alex really couldn't bear to see such a sight.

But he couldn't do much because he had limits on helping others and supplies that Alex saved. It took an hour to see the suffocating hell, Alex and the
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