Chapter 211 - Kondo's palace

Chapter 211 - Kondo's palace

The biggest thing for Alex was that he told Mala and Sia while waiting for the response of the people there because he was still afraid to cross the path of the gods for now. He was scared to go any further; mentally, he still couldn't accept the fight that might soon occur to him without proper preparation.

Even though he had gathered many provisions from the city of Dwarka, his originally prepared mentality now fell after seeing the battle between gods that had just finished. He didn't care even though the two girls mocked him and said that Alex had a cowardly nature, but he hoped that his choice would pay off.

"So Mala, I beg of you to help me manage this city, and let's get to know more about the way of the gods together before moving any further," said Alex.

He doesn't want to lose his loved ones again.

"We don't need to rush to get to Olympus, do we?" Alex tries to convince Mala, who is usually the most difficult to negot
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