Chapter 230 - Needs warmth.

Chapter 230 - Needs warmth.

"It's naturalistic because there are only forests and beaches, so there is no soft mattress to expel the hot lava in the body." L said, teasing Alex. Without giving Alex a chance to dodge the door, it just closed.

He apologized to Kitsune for putting himself in such an embarrassing position. But Kitsune's response didn't matter because it was natural, even though she lived by the rules and manners of the kingdom and learned a lesson about it.

Kitsune have power above humans and feel it is nothing to be ashamed of. It may be because of what she has that she is being arrogant and could kill humans if Kitsune doesn't like her.

Alex thought he wanted to leave the house immediately to avoid his shyness. After all, he had already completed his task, and there was much more to be done by then. Along the way to the kitchen, he asked Kitsune to cooperate to make it easier to get information about the nobles in the future.

He realizes Kitsu
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