Chapter 241 - Sumptuous

Chapter 241 - Sumptuous

After washing her feet near her yard, Mary walked over to them. She thanks him for helping himself to squeeze the wine for the day and tells Alex to take Kitsune to the place where she cleans herself.

Kitsune, still with his arrogant behavior, walked alone. Alex didn't know what had happened to the fox demon and followed him from behind. He asked if anything had happened while doing the burdensome work.

Kitsune turned off the water on the faucet and turned to Alex staring at him intently. He did not expect the girl to ask for a ration to make love. However, because the contract he made had just been formed, maybe she needed the energy intake of the Demon King's Mana.

Alex asked to guess what the girl would say when no one was there. She didn't want to be devoured by the creature, and when she had goosebumps holding back her fear, she moved while whispering in Alex's ear,

"I am hungry." His voice and sigh made Alex get electrocuted. Sh
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