Chapter 249 - The alliance

Chapter 249 - The alliance

Alex asks if Koko has been there, but Mala's answer leaves Alex disappointed. There was no guarantee that the highly talented older man would comply with the request of the young man he had just met.

Mala could hear Alex's breathing, so heavy and hard to control. However, he did not give up so quickly and said that it was likely that one of the nobles would arrive at the palace eventually.

This time it was Mala who took a deep breath, remembering that his effort was so tricky to do. It would just be a waste of time. Alex shook his head while encouraging Mala not to give up easily. Even though the potential could only happen as much as 0.01 percent could be achieved, that didn't mean he had to give up.

"Be honest with yourself," Alex said while looking at Kitsune. The magic sentence controlled Alex to dare to face such a complex problem. He felt grateful to the fox demon.

He asked how Sia was because she hadn't been in their convers
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