Chapter 257 - The astonishment

Chapter 257 - The astonishment

Although it was with a heavy heart that Sanao and Kitsune finally reached out their hands to make peace for a moment. He asks for a room, so they don't fight each other, Kitsune is next to Sia and Nana, and Sanao is next to Mala.

He wants them to advise them. On the one hand, Mala is also busy with her duties of taking care of the palace. Neos served Mala well. He had not expected that there would be someone who would understand such a thing in managing a job well.

"Madam, do you not intend to marry King Gilgamesh?" Neos asked innocently as he put down the document addressed to Alex. The teenager next to him immediately crumpled the paper he was holding in his hand.

Mala smiles. Seeing Alex's expression now, she intends to tease him in front of Neos. Mala asks Neos which types of women King Gilgamesh likes and what he dislikes. Neos didn't understand what kind of woman his king was interested in.

So far, he has only seen that K
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