Chapter 291 - Chariot of the Sun

Chapter 291 - Chariot of the Sun

"Where have you been, Alex?" asked one of Yi Sun-shin's followers. Alex couldn't dodge but just tried to lie by matching their story of being hit by a great wave. They had never seen such an extraordinary thing in their lives. They rejoice in what they experienced, including successfully defeating enemy ships and thanking the god of luck who sided with them.

The floating enemy soldiers were rescued but kept in the dungeons to be handed over to the king of Seonju. Along the way, Alex saw game notifications telling him to pick up the artefacts immediately, and he took loopholes to avoid their conversation.

[ Antique Info: Kopis 3 star - max ]

[Level: 100% ]

[Basic Effect: When Antique Common is possessed 1x, Fighter gains attack +187.4 ]

[ Antique Story: besides spears, Greek soldiers usually had short swords called Kopis. Its critical indentation can help it slash deeply. The blade's hilt also curved backwards, of
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