After 10 years..

Later 10 years the children grown up . The trained very well. They are more stronger, braver, intelligent, faster and etc. 

HIMA is expert in sword fighting. 

Mani is expert in sword fighting. 

TRILOK is expert in Arcade . 

CHAITU is expert in Arcade. 

DHANU is expert in Strength. 

All are so much delightful. They respect all people. They don't have any poor & rich differences. All the people in the kingdom love them and treat as their sons. 

Daily morning they go to forest and do practice. 

They always believe that "PRACTICE MAKE MAN PERFECT".They five are always funny together. 

There is a soldier's commander who's name is ARJUN KHAIL. 

He is a great commander. He is kindest person in the whole kingdom. He loves and always be with the kids.He worked faithful to king . He trained the Children very much strong enough. The children are also shows love and respect him for his loyalty. 

Let's talk about the Dragon eggs.. 

The eggs weren't hatched till 10 years. It is the mysterious and strange thing for them. Again one day in the deep forest they heard the strange voices with meaningless words. They only heard the eggs word clarity.

They went from there. At night in kingdom they five talked about the eggs and they finally wanted to keep the eggs in again cave. 

In the early morning they 5 secretly going to the cave with eggs. In the kingdom the rays from the sun fall on the Golden Dragon statue and reflected on the eggs. 

Suddenly the five eggs started to hatching.... 

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