Unexpected Destiny: The Half Dragon and The Nine Masks

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Unexpected Destiny: The Half Dragon and The Nine Masks

By: Stevanyla OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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They are children who seek identity by hiding their identity. They are together, but they don't know each other. They were forced together with one goal and various reasons. A surprising destiny awaits them at the end of a journey full of mystery and wonder. Will they hide everything until the end? Can they always be together when destiny unfolds?

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34 chapters
Chapter 1
"Arion Sclater has been proven guilty. As punishment, his royal status will be revoked and he will not be allowed to live in the palace." Everyone in the room was shocked to hear the decision of the king who was famous for his wisdom and justice. The crown prince sitting next to the king did not expect his father to give such a cruel and painful punishment. It was better to be sentenced to prison for some time than to be stripped of his royal status and barred from living in the palace, in other words, Arion had been evicted subtly. Contrary to everyone who regretted the king's decision. Arion who is a defendant in this trial, his face radiates happiness with a bright smile he rarely shows. Arion must not waste this opportunity that will not come for the second time in his life. Everyone wanted to be in his position, as a venerated prince, everything he wanted he could easily get, be served twenty-four hours by servants, and live a luxurious life without worrying about running o
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Chapter 2
Auristela looked at the sun slowly setting along with the blue sky turning orange with a look of amazement. It was the first time for Auristela to see the sun on the mountain. Because she is a princess, she is not allowed to leave the palace without a purpose and always be escorted by a soldier. Therefore, he often pretends to be a soldier whenever Arion gets a mission that he finds fun. Of course, she had coordinated with Arion, her mother, and her father. No wonder Auristela and Arion are nicknamed the 'naughty twins'. Do you think her mother and father immediately agreed to Auristela's crazy decision—disguising herself as a boy? Not. How could parents let their daughter become a boy even if it was only for a while? Especially with her pretense, Auristela has to do what men do. So that the charade is not exposed. Then how did Auristela get approval from her parents? Auristela has many skills, one of which is pleading with a pitiful face. Just like she did when she ask allowed to go
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Chapter 3
Andres scratched his itchy ear. He had been sitting for an hour listening to the complaints and the latest news about the state of the population from Wildan, the general who served as the most feared and respected security minister on Craco Island. Andres only accompanied his uncle, but as a future king, he also had to know about the territory he would rule one day. So that he is not considered stupid for not knowing anything. Especially so that he is not easily cheated by high-ranking royals who like to manipulate. Andres ran his fingers over his thighs. He was bored, but he couldn't show his boredom in front of his uncle. "What are your orders, Your Majesty?" Wildan asked the king. He had prepared everything, whenever the king ordered him to deploy soldiers to solve this problem. Dustin stroked his white beard. His brain thought hard to find a solution to this never-ending problem. "If let it go. The lives of the people will be in danger, Your Majesty." Andres closed his eye
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Chapter 4
The black-haired man watched the soldiers who were ready to go to their location on duty. A strong desire to follow one of the three parties bubbled up in his mind, but he couldn't possibly do so. It wasn't that he was afraid of being punished by his uncle, but that he couldn't go out at night. Deep in his heart, of course, Andres was afraid and worried. At night, the security around the kingdom is tightened. He wasn't afraid of the royal soldiers, just that he was afraid of not being able to take care of himself out there. At night, there are many cases of robbery and theft. Moreover, with his handsome face, surely he will be targeted and kidnapped by the fox demon. Not that Andres thought he was the most handsome in this country, but that was the truth. During the day when many people are active, he is often teased and seduced, how about at night? Andres never went to the palace at night. He was curious, what kind of atmosphere in this country at nightfall? What he often hears fro
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Chapter 5
It's been two days since Arion and Auristela wandered around Grassland aimlessly. Visiting some taverns and cafes in addition to lunch and dinner, also to find work.Arion doesn't want to just spend the money his father gave him so that no one gets suspicious, why are they able to rent rooms at high prices and eat at cafes every day when they're not working? Although many come to Grassland just for a vacation to spend the money their parents have.However, Arion was not like that. Even though his parents have abundant wealth, he wants to feel the money from his sweat. This is also one of his goals when he leaves the palace, which is work.Auristela looked up at the bright sun. She was waiting for her twin brother who was applying for a job.Arion forbids Auristela to work, but Arion is also not willing to leave Auristela alone. Of course, they compete for arguments about it. Auristela doesn't want only Arion to work, they have to help each other. So, Arion told Auristela to learn to c
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Chapter 6
Auristela's green eyes looked at Arion who was climbing a coconut tree to pick up the fruit. Auristela is in charge of waiting for the coconuts that fall to the ground so that other people don't steal them. Arion was asked for help by a young man who works in the oil palm fields to replace him temporarily because his son was sick. It is common for workers in oil palm fields to seek temporary substitutes if they are unable to come. Because he said the owner of the oil palm field is very fierce, calculating, and likes to fire employees at will. Auristela and Arion never parted, because they had promised to always be together. When they are far apart, their hearts are worried about each other. "He said the southeast and south areas were guarded by several palace soldiers." "Yeah, so it's safe now, but it says the culprit hasn't been caught yet." "I am restless. Afraid of the criminals coming here." "Yes, me too." Auristela sharpened her hearing. During these three days, she had al
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Chapter 7
"Good evening, Madam." Andres smiled, then sat across Belanca.Belanca propped her chin, she stared lazily at the three men in her room, her mouth chewing on an apple. "Yeah, good evening."Andres did not forget to wear a mask to hide his handsome face before entering the Belanca room. Because he met a spy who worked for him. Looking for the information he wants and needs. "What did you find?"A shoulder-length black-haired man who also wore a mask to cover his face, there was only a hole in his nose for breathing. He was standing not far from Anthoni who was sitting next to Andres. "I saw them last night. They were all dressed in black and covered their mouths and hair with black cloth. Each of them carried a sharp weapon."Andres nodded in understanding. These people don't want their identities to be revealed."How did you see them?" asked Anthoni. He doesn't have to bother wearing a mask, since he and Almeta recruited Quivermu. Those two are also members of Quivermu.Quivermu is a
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Chapter 8
Andres and Anthoni walked leisurely past the residents who were buying and selling and also some traders who were tidying up their wares, because in the evening, the market would be closed. Little children run from their mothers who tell them to go home. Andres smiled seeing how happy the children were, he was surprised, when a boy fell in front of him."Are you okay?" Andres reflexively helped the boy who looked like he wanted to cry. Andres saw a little blood coming out of the wound on the boy's knee. "Anthon, did you bring water?" He looked up, Anthoni without asking immediately gave him a bottle of mineral water. "Hold on a minute. I want to clean the sand that's stuck to the your wound. Okay?" Andres looked at the boy. The boy nodded slowly. Andres spilled water on the boy's knee who was wincing in pain. "You are great." He pinched the blushing boy."Thank you," said the boy."Try to get up. I want to know if your feet hurt when you walk." Andres watched the boy who seemed to be
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Chapter 9
"Grassland has the most fertile soil on Craco Island." The sight of the stunning rows of rice farms and plantation fields astounded Auristela.Arion and Auristela purposefully across the rice fields in search of work for Arion and information about the best cooking schools for Auristela. They had spent ten days here.Most of the people of Grassland work as farmers, gardeners, and herders. The soil in Grassland is suitable for growing a wide variety of crops. In addition to fertile soil, on Mount Omega there is limestone mining."Fresh." Arion inhaled the fresh air around him greedily. The Elf Kingdom is on top of a hill, the only sights that can be seen there are the houses of the citizens, tea, coffee plantations, and meadows inhabited by hundreds of horses."Damn it! The crops are damaged again! If this continues, I will fail my crops," shouted a middle-aged man wearing a straw hat."That's right. The pigs must be destroyed immediately," said a young man carrying a hoe.Auristela an
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Chapter 10
"What? Work here?" Auristela repeated Andres' words. The man who was taller than Arion offered her and Arion to work on this farm. Who is Andres, is Andres the owner of the farm? Auristela's pupils dilated, was her guess right?"Yes." Andres nodded. He turned to the farm. "I employ two people here." He smiled at Auristela and Arion. "Don't worry. We'll teach you how to herd and express milk."Auristela looked at Arion, they both looked at each other. Auristela felt guilty because she used to think that Andres and Anthoni worked as shepherds on this farm. Auristela scratched her itchy neck. "Excuse me, is this farm yours?"Andres nodded. "Yes."Almeta took one step forward, standing next to Andres. She grabbed Auristela who was standing in front of Andres. "I'd be happy if you two worked here. I finally have a female friend." Almeta's face shone brightly, smiling very broadly.Auristela smiled faintly. "I …." She glanced at Arion who was looking at the road. "I can't decide for myself.
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