What do you see beyond the hill?

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What do you see beyond the hill?

By: Kev Mbeutcha OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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One seeks the top, burning with the desire to see what is beyond. One who thought he had reached the pinnacle while he was only deceiving himself, living at the bottom. And finally, one has reached the top and saw only regrets as he looked back down. For what reason, for what purpose did they seek strength? Was it a dream? Was it a goal? Was it regret? Whatever the reason may be, only those who have steeled their minds and prepared for the worst can reach that pinnacle. And it is only those who have done so that can say whether it is worth it or not. Will it be the case for our protagonists? Let’s find out in this isekai story.

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|Hey, Will, what would you do if you can't do something, like no matter how hard you try, you just can't do it?| Tch! Why did I have to think of this right now? "Urg…" I stand back up the best I can but it seems my body won't hold out much longer. "Ahahaha…I must have been a real fool to think that I could do it without going beyond the limits." "Are you finally going to give up?" The ruler of demons is standing in front of me, with his eery presence and his dominant strength. "I will commend you for resisting so much but sadly, it has to end. You can blame that god for giving you such a handicap." "Handicap, huh…" He is not wrong though. I would have never thought there would be so many obstacles on my path. If I had known, perhaps I wouldn't have…I see. "Fufufu, I see. That's why I thought about it now, huh." "Amazing. You smile even in front of your death. You truly were amazing." The bastard raises his hand and makes a giant black
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"Welcome heroes. Welcome to our world." Among the almost hundred people that are standing before us, a woman wearing a stylish armor is talking. Her helmet doesn't show even the color of her hair or her eyes. Most of the others people also wear armors but she has the most stylish. Some of them are wearing indigo priest attire with hoods hiding their faces. "What is happening?" "What is this? Is this a prank?" The guys present all start looking around with dumb surprised faces. But I guess I must have the same kind of face right now. "I can't believe it." I blurt it out without thinking. But I don't think anyone would resent me if they knew. That fucking old bastard was telling the truth. The whole time, it was all true. Right when I was about to give up and accept that I was mistaken, I am shown the way. "I know that you may be surprised but we beg you to remain calm as we will explain everything." "Hey!! What the fuck
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Soon after me, all the other people who were brought to the room also wakes up and receives the same explanation. Ian, however, asks if it is possible to move and talk to other people. "Yes, of course, we don't mean to frighten you in any way." After the soldier answers him, he leaves his bed and to another one, without even looking at me. That's good. I won't move a finger should you guys do anything after all. A bit after, the door opens and three of those indigo priests enter. I thought Ian would start something as the door is opened but to my surprise, there is nothing going on. I can't see clearly who he is with because of all the decorations they put on the beds. "Once again, we greet you, heroes from another world." "From another world?" Apparently, there is a girl here as well. And from where her voice came, she must be with Ian. "Yes, it is surely confusing for you but you aren't on what you called earth right now. You are on
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I still remember that conversation since it was one of the few we had where he wasn't yelling or trying to kill me. "There is one skill that you must get if you ever make it there. It is the only skill truly amazing that was hidden among trashes. That skill, I neglected it and regretted it as well. If I knew how much of a fool I was then." "I don't understand anything of what you are saying anyway so please, just let me sleep." "You will certainly, but for now, remember the name of the skill: Amplify." *** I didn't really believe in all this back then and I only wanted to run away from you at the time, but now, I would almost want to say thank you, almost. "You…don't you understand what-" "I don't care, Ian. You guys have your problems and I have my own. And it is not like we need all of them to teach us, right?" "What are you going on ab-" I grab the priest's hand while Ian is talking. If I let them go with thi
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A guy comes out from the knight. He is wearing a red armor and the gold lining on it creates the shape of a predator's jaw which is ready to bite. His brown hair are attached behind his head, allowing his face to be seen clearly. He has no scar on his face and "Vice-captain of the order, Sir Telestal, the kingdom thanks you for your cooperation. We hope t-" "Spare me the pleasantries. We all know you don't mean it." "I see. Then, I shall take my leave." The guy leaves just like that. And the others turn around and start talking among themselves, as if to flee from my eyes. What are you all feeling guilty about? It is perfectly understandable that the weaks are cast away. I see nothing wrong with that. "Let's go, then." Telestal turns around and starts walking. I follow him and as we get past the other knights, I notice that some of them have recent wounds. Are they already at war? We leave the courtyard through an iron gate and
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We enter the courtyard and to my surprise, the butlers and the maid from earlier are already changed. "That's some awesome speed they have." I don't think it took us two minutes to get here. And yet, not only did they change but they arrived here before us. And they are not even sweating? Maybe they wore a one-piece armor above their butler uniforms? The maid then comes to me. She is wearing a tight leather armor that follows her body to the clock. She also has daggers attached to her waist. She is holding a white shirt and pants and three different weapons made of wood: a sword, a dagger, and a mace. "Sir, would you like to change?" She presents everything to me. "Hm… I don't really care but, yeah, no problem. Just the shirt though, I don't want to waste too much time." I take the white shirt with long sleeves then as I remove my school uniform, I hear a weird noise coming not from the girl but from Telestal. "What is it?" I l
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"Sir hero, are you okay?" The next morning, the maid's voice wakes me up. As soon as I open my eyes, the results of yesterday's trials are lying everywhere in plain sight. That and I have a headache. "A magnificent skill, my ass. This thing is way too hard to understand." "Sir?" "It's nothing. Good morning." "Good morning, Sir will." The maid shows me a beautiful smile. Is she not angry that I have torn down almost everything in here. Yesterday, when I managed to finally use Amplify for the first time, I immediately tried it on different things. In the end, I didn't manage to use it on a full mattress so I took a piece of it as small as a handkerchief and amplified it. Now, it's only about testing it. "I guess Telestal is up already." "Yes, sir. He is actually training in the courtyard. He told us to ask you if you would like to have a morning spar against him." "I see. Let's go then." "Do you not want t
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"Do you bear enough hatred to see through it?" That question that he asked me when I was on the verge of death. My mind still vividly remembers that day vividly. No, even if it didn't, the scars I bear are a constant reminder of everything I went through. When I was five years old, my parents decided to go on a trip to a nearby mountain. For three days, or was it two? Anyway, we stayed there, and I was listening to stories from my father about the world he has seen when he was traveling. Then, during the night, I heard some noises. I woke up and saw the shadow of a gib animal outside. But by the time I could scream, it had attacked us already. "Was your father able to do something?" Telestal is listening to my story with such attention his eyes are shining a bit. "If you are going to interrupt me every second, we won't be able to finish this." "Okay, okay. Sorry." "As I was saying then…when we were attacked, my father indeed tried to d
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By the time the maid has reached the third book, the sun is already starting to settle. "You can stop there for now." "Thank you, Sir Will." It must be exhausting to read for so long. "Go and rest. I am sure you need it." "Don't worry, I can still be of use to you." "Whatever you say." She puts the book back on the table and leaves. As she closes the door, I take the pillow again but it seems they have changed it. It isn't the ones I shredded yesterday. You guys are too meticulous on stupid things. "Now, what else can I take?" While I am thinking, someone knocks on the door. "Yes?" "Sir, the priest and the blacksmith have arrived." A new voice speaks without a solemn tone. Did the maid leave? As I thought, she was tired. "I am coming." I will just try to learn for now. I leave my room and find the maid and a butler standing at the door. So, she didn't leave? I follow them downstairs and I find a priest t
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It has been four days since I managed to use amplify on the spoon. Since then, I have tried to use it on a bunch of things and the end result is pretty satisfying. "I have to admit that this is surprising." This morning, I have tried to test the wooden swords that we have after amplifying them. I asked Telestal to use his real sword to break a wooden one I have amplified and even though the weight hasn't changed, its sturdiness has increased so much it took him one serious hit to slice it in half. One would have thought he had no difficulty doing that at a first glance but the fact he is admitting it is surprising by himself means I definitively did it right. The only problem now is how far can amplify go. After our training session in the morning, Telestal leaves for the town. I stay in my room when suddenly, I hear people running in the hallway. When I leave, I see the maid still standing at my door while other butlers are running up and down. Some are wear
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