Mission started .Plan A or B ?

As their plan they five is ready out side the city.Shady sent the fake cam and it confused the cams by sending radiations again their processor.

The heroes into the city.The plan A is started.

The five heroes entered in the city with business style . The city is fully rush of people always roaming. They 5 are asking the where's mr.unknown's place.All seen them as weird.One member came and asked what is the work with sir? They replied that we have the super delux with special gadgets spaceship for sir.Then he said come with me.

He took heroes to the secret place in the underground. It is very big.In it there are more that 100 gaurds . And there Mr.Unknown is sat on big chair at some height.But they can't see him there is no light focused on him.Only dark they are seeing not his face.

Mr.Unknown - How much the ship is ?

Heroes - We just want partnet-ship .

All laughed at a time.Then

Unknown - asked them are you just want to know the which door is opend ?

HImakar - Ya.But how did you k
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