Calamity In The Another World

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Calamity In The Another World

By: Bimbroz OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Thomas Winkler, a 21-year-old young athlete who is very passionate about his talent in sports and has made many achievements and is able to compete with star players who have a wealth of experience. He earned the nickname "Rabbit Jump" after successfully jumping that reached more than 3 meters. Unfortunately, Winkler's career was threatened when chaos ensued during the final match. He gets a lot of foul and cunning games from the enemy, until he is taken away by his mother when the atmosphere in the stadium gets hotter. A few hours into the chaos, Winkler decided to heal his head and heart wounds by soaking in hot water. Inadvertently, a violent rumbling startled him who was closing his eyes in the water. At that time, he was unaware of bouncing into a world he had never imagined before and the many disasters in that world would follow.

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Chapter 1 : The Big Shock
"Hey! Pass the ball to me." The blond young man shouted while waving his hand. The sweat on the body flows from head to toe. Wetting the floor on each footing simultaneously bears witness to the best young athletes.His friend responded to the call and immediately fed the ball to the young man. Catching both hands while jumping, the landing is quite forced when he feels his legs are so painful if used. But the young man is not a figure born as a 'soft bone' human being.Being blessed with talent and balanced hard work yields results that exceed 'expectations'. Although he sprained his foot a bit, the young man continued to carry the ball until it passed several players in 3 moves. Even enemy players should respect him as the toughest opponent as long as they decide as a professional basketball players.The crowd above the stands kept cheering his name from the beginning of the game until the final seconds. No matter who is the hero in this match, the young man deserves to be named the
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Chapter 2 : Mature Woman In My Bathroom?
"Damn, it's not funny. Mom, you can hear me?!" Winkler's voice was five times louder than the first call. But no matter how loud his call was, he didn't hear anyone's voice out there. About to get out of the bathroom, Winkler remembered what the mother said if she had to prepare for a lot of nights by herself, and it was not something that the old lady quickly completed."Okay. First, what kind of vibe is that? It was so hard and could probably destroy this house in seconds. It's ridiculous if something doesn't happen. Then, if there really was a disaster coming, it was appropriate that mom would call my name when she was in a panic. But in reality, it's very quiet and quiet out there. Anyway, I smell the honey scent from out there. I'm sure it's a drink to restore the stamina mom used to give me."Just in case, Winkler leaned his head while observing the things around him. Although he is suffering from injuries and knows the limits of his abilities, it is really hard to say if he has
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Chapter 3 : The Rabbit Jump
"Here police! Give yourself up or you will receive a heavier punishment, boy!" The sound of the call was aimed at Winkler when two policemen on duty eventually discovered an incident that was not worth showing."Sorry, sir! I didn't mean to show my 'sword' in public! It's just that... it's just..." Winkler couldn't continue his reasoning when his mind was still covered with the smiling face of his mother who was cooking dinner. Moreover, this very abnormal event could not have been accepted no matter how well he explained it.The two policemen behind him further increased the speed as the distance between them became farther and farther. Those who have a little excess weight, seem to be struggling to reach a young man who has a well-trained body and always maintains his exercise pattern. Not wanting to be at the police station overnight, Winkler decided not to be caught and to find a place to hide.It takes time to digest all these events and look for the possibility of returning to h
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Chapter 4 : Transformation
"Don't be silly, boy. Didn't you see that I was already wearing a police uniform and there was a possibility of putting you in jail?" The woman he met before now carries some kind of stick and a gun in her pocket. That left Winkler with no chance of escape when it was the only towel he wore."Okay, listen to my explanation." Winkler interrupted. "Believe it or not I was indeed soaking in water in my house and I don't know on what basis I suddenly moved into your bathroom. It may sound funny and very absurd but what I'm saying is a reality. I'm not a young man who likes to enter mature women's homes and borrow their bathrooms."The woman just kept quiet as she cummed, hearing his explanation. Even occasionally his gaze was distracted as his 'sword' grew larger."Have you ever heard a story about someone moving to another world? Honestly, I hear that very often and try not to believe them. But what they said really happened to me and I'm not from this world.""What did you say?""Huh?"
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Chapter 5 : Captain and Lieutenant
"Hey, wake up, kid. Wake up! You can't die before you explain everything to me!" Then she checked his pulse and his heartbeat was still audible even though it was very slow. Since the white light dissipated, her eyes were closed until she was forced to take off his uniform to close his lower body. A few seconds later, the sound from under the building was thunderous and in unison. The woman knew the voice and hoped not to get sanctioned by someone she respected very much. BLAM! The sound of the door slamming startled her, instantly the woman's gaze was distracted on the five people who were also wearing the same uniform. Then it was overtaken by a man who was very unexpected. Seeing a naked young man directly in front of them, all his subordinates instantly looked at the man. "How are you going to explain all this, Lieutenant? Distracted by the sounds of female and male conversation, Winkler awoke from his sleep, groaned and slowly raised his head. The first thing he did after w
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Chapter 6 : Night In The Prison
"I know there are only two of us on this floor but I suggest don't make a fuss or they on the other floor will give you a severe punishment. No matter what happens, you have to stay calm," Lieutenant Clarissa reminded as she placed a large mirror on the table.Winkler took a sip of his saliva, hoping it wasn't a big deal. "Well, I'm ready." Lieutenant Clarissa made sure the young man's face was really willing and turned the mirror quickly."This is... Is it really me? Why is this face so unfamiliar in my mind?" Winkler gaped, he could see the shape of his face changed drastically, from the size of his nose, hairstyle, and eyeballs that made him tremble. "It's so red... it's so red, Lieutenant! Please get some eye medicine or my eyes will swell and spread!" The young athlete was excited when he was not used to getting the disease."Calm down, ignorant boy! Didn't I tell you to stay calm? After all, your eyeballs are like that before you pass out. It's not a disease.""Crap! My hair is
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Chapter 7 : Lars' Decision
The next day, the sound of the door squeaked, shocking the young man was bowing his head. Lieutenant Clarissa found nothing unusual in the room, therefore she concluded Winkler was very obedient and believed he would be given a light sentence. Well, however, the person who knows the truth must need at least one witness or evidence to get a confession."Oh, I'm impressed you're not trying to escape. Have you given up on your life?"Winkler knew he wasn't stupid. Trying to escape from the basement wasn't easy and he himself had no such experience. Right now, he firmly believes in Captain Lars' decision and denies it in moderation if something untrue is misused to punish him."I don't know. I think this room is very comfortable to rest in. Thanks for the little help but I'm not interested in living in this place I really hate." Winkler sneered, seemingly starting to get a little used to the atmosphere under pressure.Climbing the steps slowly, Lieutenant Clarissa led him into the courtro
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Chapter 8 : New Name
In fact, he didn't know anything about the letter and now the woman suddenly said she already had the only very concrete evidence without her knowledge."Before, forgive me, Captain Lars. Yesterday I reported if this kid came and went without bringing anything. But somehow I found this letter in front of my bathroom and it turned out that the child was the owner. This could be the only one or one of the evidence if there is nothing more for the young man to say."Once again, Captain Lars made sure the letter was not anything fake or suspicious or that he would be punished by a noble family. "Well, it seems that we don't need to dig into the background of this kid at the trial. Everything we should know is already recorded in it.""Jeez. It turns out that young man are nervous about describing himselves, huh? Hahaha, poor young man." In the end, they breathed a sigh of relief while putting away their weapons. It will be especially precarious when chaos continues to occur as external pr
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Chapter 9 : Day One As A Slave
The trial ended a little differently than Sanoe's expectations. Actually, he wants not to be attached to any institution for a while and focus on getting to know how this world works. Adapting in other areas may take a short time but what if the scale is larger than that?What's more, Sanoe moved to a world completely different from his previous life. There are still many limitations and more efforts to make ends meet for those who are not born as owners of abilities or witches. So far, Sanoe has not checked whether he has an ability or not, because he is still quite surprised when his very rational self has to deal with a fantasy world.Last night, he didn't get enough sleep to remember his mother's kindness and affection until now. He imagined how his mother would react when her son mysteriously disappeared in the bathroom. People in general will definitely ignore and even mock him for telling stories that don't go into their reasoning, that goes for Sanoe as well.Although not full
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Chapter 10 : Old Residence
Walking along the hallway after the activity, Sanoe could see the sunset behind the buildings from the 4th floor. Although he moved to another world, at least he was relieved after finding no difference from the sun in the previous world. It's just that today time goes by very slowly although since getting the task he has hardly ever looked at the clock and hopes that his days of being a police slave are over soon.Although in the previous world Sanoe often cleaned the house, this habit does not apply at this time because he feels depressed. The pressure of getting things done has a very burdensome burden whereas so far Sanoe has often finished anything by obeying the mood and will not force himself.Moreover, his position as a slave was not the job anyone wanted and today, Sanoe is humiliated by some members who like to bully people. Sanoe hopes that people like them shouldn't get the chance to care for the population and that's the main reason he hates this institution so much.Sano
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