The both plans A & B are failed.

Mr.Unknown - Superb plan.But failed lol.But I like your energy.So I will tell you the answer what you want .

Maniking - Ok then tell us.We will give money for this.

Mr.Unknown - No,no,no,no. I don't want money.I just want the POWER RING.

Himakar - What ring ? The Dark unlocking ring ?

Mr.Unknown - No . Its the dark killing ring.

Chaitanya - Are you going to kill the Dark ?

Mr.Unknown - Nooooo.I don't have that much dare to kill the Dark.Its impossible. I just want to sell it.

Dhanush - So you want to but the ring for cheap and sell it for more price.

Mr.Unknown - Are you kidding? its a serious matter.Mr.Dhanush , don't you want to know about who killed your father?

Dhanush - Did you ?

Mr.Unknown - No, I don't have any issue with him. But I know that who killed him.For that you all should bring me the Power Ring for me.

Maniking - From where should we bring that ? And how should we ?

Mr.Unknown - It is in the Queen Stella's Palace.So bring it here.Take
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