Transmigrated: Rise of a King

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Transmigrated: Rise of a King

By: Trismegestus OngoingFantasy

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Lucas Larsen, a 17 year old boy who is the son of a Duke in the Kingdom of Norway of the region of Scandinavia. He is in actuality a 20 year old transmigrator who was reborn into the body of a 4 year old boy. He has trained since his transmigration and seeks to rise in the ranks among his people. During his journey, he will gather allies make enemies and save lives and conquer the kingdom. He will go on to become one of the strongest warriors in the Kingdom and rise to the rank of king. He will face beasts of myth and many more and gain power and recognition and would go on to become the greatest warrior kings in the world. (Attention: The cover image is not mine and belongs to its rightful owner.)

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Chapter 1
In the land of Norway, in the territory of the noble house of Larsen, the sound of clashing weapons can be heard. The sound was coming from the training ground a few metres behind the mansion of the noble family. A boy who is 17 years old was currently having a duel with a man who seemed to be at least 40.The boy has jet black hair and grey eye's. A fair complexion and a slim build. He also has a handsome face. He only wore a white shirt and black pants as he was sparing with the man. He had a sword in his hand as he was fighting with him. He was covered in sweat and dirt was also on his body and clothes as well.The man he was fighting had brown hair which was starting to grey at some points. He has auburn eyes and a moustache as well. A fair complexion and a body which is in the middle of slim and buff. He wore all black as he was also sweating from the spar he was having with the young man. He also had a sword in his hand as he was fighting with the boy.They then locked blades w
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Chapter 2
'It has been what, 12 no 13 years since I awoke in thei world in the body of Lucas. And I was about to graduate out of college as well. I was very confused when I awoke in this body but thankfully since I had already matured by that time I was able to adapt quickly. I quickly learned that I was in the 6th century in the country of Norway. I also came to know that I am the son of a duke and holds significant power in the kingdom. But that didn't mitigate the fact that I had now lost my previous life, all that hard-work I put in gone.' Lucas thought to himself as he sighed at the last part.He then went to the shelf with books and took one and traced along its spine.'I also learned that humans weren't the only race in this world and that magic also exists. But magic has now rarely been used by the people in this land and even though they believe in the Norse God's, they consider it a hassle since it takes a lot of time to learn magic. The machinations, the words, the letters, all of wh
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Chapter 3
"I would say the same but unfortunately I don't know your name but it's nice to meet to meet you too." Lucas said as he bowed as well.He saw the finger of the boy twitching when he said he didn't know him. He also saw the boy had a irritated face when he heard him."Oh, then let me introduce myself. I am Oskar Rehbindr, the heir to the house of Rehbindr which holds the rank of duke like yours." The now introduced Oskar said to him."Good to know." Lucas nonchalantly said as he took a sip of his wine.Oskar grit his teeth in response to his nonchalant answer.'Why the hell is he talking so nonchalantly?! My house is the same rank as him and he acts like I'm some normal person! I'm the heir to the noble house of Rehbindr! Is he looking down on me!?' Oskar thought to himself with growing anger.Oskar looked at Lucas who was calmly observing his surroundings while eating a few grapes. While this would've caused other people to leave him, for someone like Oskar it was as if he was disresp
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Chapter 4
The man in front of him is Alvis Johansen, a merchant who has trade connections in both the countries of Norway and Sweden. Lucas had a chance encounter with the man as said merchant was going through the forest for securing a deal. Unfortunately for the merchant he was ambushed by bandits but fortunately for Lucas he was in the area going through his training when it happened.He saved the man and defeated the bandits and the merchant in response was quite pleased with him. After that the two of them would see each other from time to time as the merchant had taken quite a liking to Lucas due to him saving his life and him being much different than the other nobles.While Alvis was a good businessman he isn't treated that greatly by the other nobles due to him not being from a noble family in the country. Due to this he had taken quite a liking to Lucas due to him treating him like any other person. He liked him even more when he saw Lucas' potential in the business department.Lucas
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Chapter 5
Lucas then read the letter again carefully before he burned both the envelope and letter with magical fire to ensure no one knows about it. He then sat on his couch as he thought about all the information he had gotten. Though it wasn't much he was someone who believed that knowledge is power and is needed if one needs victory.'If what I know about both kingdom's is true then it will not be much time before they go to war with eachother. There's going to be many casualties in the war and maybe some of the members of the noble families might perish at the war. If that happens then I might be able to use that chance to increase the strength of my own clan.' Lucas thought to himself.Then he thought about the tension between the two kingdoms about the piece of land which both are debating for. That particular information stuck in his mind.'Wait, if both the kingdoms are focusing on that particular land then doesn't that mean the other territories aren't under that tight supervision. If
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Chapter 6
Both heirs looked at eachother. Lucas with a neutral look while Oskar had an arrogant grin. Their armors were quite different as well. Oskar was wearing armour that showed his noble heritage and made him look good. Lucas meanwhile had worn plain armor over chainmail. Lucas had a longsword while Oskar had on his hip a decorated longsword.The nobles started to mutter amongst themselves when they saw the way the two heirs dressed. Many complimented Oskar for his great looking armor which showed his noble blood. But the nobles were staring and muttering disapprovingly at Lucas's choice of armor as it was very plain and made him look like any normal soldier."Why is he wearing armour like that?" "He should wear something more fitting of his status.""He looks more like a commoner than a noble." Those were the kind of chatter that was going around the nobles. As for the royal family, they were mostly curious about Lucas's choice of armor as nobles usually wore more extravagant armor. Osk
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Chapter 7
Both fighters drew their blades and got into stances. Though it was easy to know that the stance used by Lucas was much more stable and better than the one used by Oscar by those who were well versed in the art of combat like Lucas's teacher Gustav and the princess Olivia.'His stance is actually good.' Olivia thought to herself.Lucas narrowed his eyes as he looked at the sword which was covered in an aura indicating that it was enchanted as well. Oskar then went with an overhead slash at Lucas which had it's speed increased by his armor. But for Lucas who had trained consistently with his master the attack wasn't that impressive.Lucas merely sidestepped as the sword went harmless down his left side. Oskar was surprised while Lucas was looking at him with the same impassive face. Oskar was a bit ticked off at the lack of reaction from the heir to his attack as he went for a horizontal slash which Lucas blocked with his sword and used his hand guard to stop it as he had the same impa
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Chapter 8
"As if! I'm not gonna yield!" Oskar shouted as he went to attack Oscar with his fists.Lucas only sighed in response as he used the broad side of his blade and smacked Oskar's across the face with it. This sending the heir tumbling to Lucas's left as he lost his balance while Lucas openly scoffed. Olivia meanwhile was grinning at seeing a cheeky nobleman being put in his place.Oskar coughed a bit and started to get up when he heard the clanking of boots as he turned and looked at Lucas who was walking towards him."Just give up you are embarassing yourself." Lucas said in a tired tone.But Oskar wasn't having none of it. He was brought up as a member of the high class of the current society and was told that he was special and that was how his life had been. But now facing the humiliation of defeat in front of all these people was making him more angry as he lunged at Lucas with a roar.Lucas sighed and letting go of his sword he moved out of the way and then using his hand tore the
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Chapter 9
As Olivia was reading the letter her eyes were starting to be filled with fury and rage as she read more and more as her face started to grow red from anger. Despite the elaborate language used by the prince she understood that he only wants to marry her due to her position and body. She also did not like the fact that he claimed that she needed him to live.She was a proud woman who was capable of taking care of her own needs and found it very insulting. But what angered her most was how he was saying his kingdom was greater than hers. As the princess of said kingdom and as someone who takes pride in it she was very furious at him.Her parents had seen the rage in her eyes despite her having the same serious face she maintained. They knew that whatever the prince had said in the letter has resulted in their daughter becoming very angry."What does it say dear?" Signe asked her."I believe you should read it for yourself." Olivia said as she gave the letter to her mother.Signe took t
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Chapter 10
After the prince of Sweden proclaimed war on the country of Norway both the kingdoms were preparing for the war. It wasn't lost to anyone in the two kingdoms that things will be very serious and if they weren't careful it will lead to their downfall. The royal family of Norway, the Ascheberg's had already started preparing the moment they sent the letter knowing that the prideful prince would wage war on them. Many of the knights were called from both the kingdom to prepare for the war as neither royal family wanted to lose to the other, cause it is now a matter of pride to them.As for Lucas himself, since the war was considered in his plans he wasn't that surprised. Instead he has also started making his own preparations for the war. There are quite a few perks for having the maturity and intelligence of a 20 year old from birth. He could easily pick out the things he wanted to do since he was a child and has gained tremendously from it. He is quite sure that he is one of the most sk
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