After the war with Vener , the heroes won and the vener ran away from earth. Someone captured the whole war and uploaded in internet . Its gone viral.The government also sent agents and analysed the place . They conformed that video is real. So some big super special agents and colonel went to the heroes to take the control of them.

Alex - The whole world now knows about you and your powers. Maybe it will reach the whole universe very soon. Vener will tell the whole issue to his brother.

And after this ,the heroes were taken control by agents and they were locked in an interrogation room then they saw a news that scrolling in tv in that room, the new was that some one went to queen stella's house and made non sence .These all are captured in their cctv cameras.

Dhanush - I think that will be punished by them , like ever.

Himakar - Just forget about it, they will only interrogate us and they will release us.

Maniking - There will a big war ever because Vener will come and take revenge
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