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The secret that was hidden by his parents, made Alvine Clarisson have to live life as a poor person. Every day he is always treated unfairly, humiliated, humiliated, and even bullied by everyone and his campus friends. Not even a single woman wants to be in a relationship with Alvine because of his poverty. Until finally the truth about his father's family was revealed, that his grandfather Thomas Clarisson was the richest man, and Alvine was the heir to his fortune. And after knowing the truth, everyone was very scared and said "Young Master, please forgive us,"

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12 chapters
Chapter 1
It was already eight o'clock in the evening when Alvine arrived at the Alchanery Hotel which is a Five Star Hotel located in Shavellight City, one of the three most beautiful and most expensive Towns in Nappalon State's Lamonius Province.This hotel is also located in a well-known area which is the second best location for business in the City of Shavellight, and is always used or rented out for major events throughout Shavellight, although the price is not cheap for those who wish to use Hotel Alchanery's facilities. It was no longer a secret to everyone, that those who always held events at the Alchanery Hotel were the ones who held the title of the wealthy in Shavellight City.Tonight, the atmosphere of Hotel Alchanery was so lively. Many luxury cars were parked in the hotel area, and many well-dressed people entered the Alchanery Hotel while some of them were holding beautiful girls. This happened because tonight, the Hanzhel family was having a party at the Alchanery Hotel. Becau
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Chapter 2
While Alvine was absorbing the pain he was suffering from, suddenly a Rolls Royce car stopped beside him. And a middle-aged man got out of the car and then approached Alvine who was now stopping his steps."What did you name Alvine Clarisson?"Alvine's eyes immediately landed on a middle-aged man who had just gotten out of a luxury car. From the way he was dressed and the vehicle he was wearing, it was silent that the man was not just anyone."Y-yes, right, who are you? And how did you know my name?" Alvine was so surprised to hear the words of the man who knew his name and also the last name which was his father's family name."Is it daddy and Daniel Clarisson?"Alvine just nodded, his mind mixed at the moment, how did this person know his name and also his father's? Alvine thought still unable to comprehend the current situation."I'm grateful,"The man's face immediately brightened. He also breathed a sigh of relief like someone who had just escaped from the pursuit of a wild anima
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Chapter 3
Hearing Thomas Clarisoon's words, Alvine was silent in confusion, Alvin didn't even understand the current situation, how could he be the grandson of a rich man? This is what makes Alvine still unable to accept this fact.Seeing the doubt on his grandson's face, Thomas could only smile. It was natural for Alvine to have doubts about the truth that Thomas was his grandfather, because so far Daniel Clarisson and Angela Louwer had never told Alvine about Thomas Clarisoon." Alvine, I know that you still doubt the truth of all this, therefore I will tell you what happened to your father and mother twenty-five years ago. Because I think it's time for you to know who you really are.""...there is a huge secret between me and your father that has been hidden for twenty-five years both from you and the outside world,"Thomas also began to tell about the fight between Daniel and Thomas twenty-five years ago, at that time Daniel brought Anggela to Thomas's house and asked for his blessing to ma
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Chapter 4
"Why Alvin? You don't believe what I say?" Jessica asked, smiling back at Alvine's funny face, “That's only a small part of Alvine. Emerald Corporation is the largest company in the Alvine World, there are about 100 subsidiaries under the auspices of the Emerald Corporation throughout the world. So that makes Emerald Corporation stronger and more difficult to shake by rival companies from the Clarovile family as the owner of Amarador Enterprise which only has 30 subsidiaries and is spread across 30 cities and ten countries between Asia and Europe, while Emerald Corporation, its subsidiary is in 100 cities and 40 countries in Asia, Europe, America and also Africa," Jessica explained, making Alvine even more surprised."But, grandfather didn't say that we have a rival?" Alvine asked, still confused because Thomas didn't tell him that the Clarisson family had enemies."It's not that I don't want to tell you directly, Alvine. But the time is not yet possible, because you must immediately
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Chapter 5
Alvine walked out of the classroom. It was still nine o'clock in the morning, because there was only one subject today. Alvine intends to return to the hostel, but on the way he meets Sherly Morgan who also wants to go to the girls' dormitory with her two friends Yasmin and Qinnie. Their faces are both so beautiful as beautiful as Sherly's.“Alvine, Wait!!!” cried Sherly while trying to stop Alvine Steps.Hearing someone's exclamation, Alvine also stopped his steps and turned around to find the source of the sound."Oh it turns out you are Sherly, what's wrong?" said Alvine while returning to ask. Meanwhile, Yasmin and Qinnie's eyes kept looking at Alvine from top to bottom and then smiled sinisterly.Even a look of disgust was shown by Qinnie because he saw Alvine's appearance which was very similar to a bum. His shabby clothes made the appearance of his handsome face invisible to girls who prioritized looks and luxury like Yasmin and Qinni“ Have you forgotten, Alvine? If today is m
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Chapter 6
"What should we do Mr. Luis?" asked one of the bodyguards after being in front of Quantino Luis."What should we do with this trash, sir?" continued his friend"I want you to make him kneel and crawl before me, and lick my shoe if he wants to survive, and break one of his arms as compensation for damage to my car. And if he doesn't want to, then you break both his arms and legs," shouted Quantino, pointing at Alvine who was still standing smiling.Alvine just smiled at Quantino Luis's arrogance and arrogance. His arrogant attitude meant that he was unfit to continue Cooperation with the Dragon's Palace Enterprise, and Alvine had already decided to cancel all Cooperation agreements with the Luis family in all of Nappalon.Hearing Qunatino's order, dozens of bodyguards immediately surrounded Alvine so he wouldn't escape and run away. While one of them approached Alvine and looked at him with a condescending gaze filled with an extraordinary murderous aura.“Didn't you hear Mr. Luis's or
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Chapter 7
Arriving at the CEO's room, Alvine sat in the leader's chair casually, his eyes fixed on the collars of Derixs, Naura and Xenders who were both bent down waiting for orders.Today was Alvine's first day in charge of a large corporation. Of course this would be very difficult if Alvine was not assisted by Derixs.“Mr. Chand, I heard that the company's partners are waiting to meet me? But I don't think I want to meet them all. So cancel everything including contract renewal with any company until I can judge the eligibility for myself,” Alvine said so firmly. And of course, one sentence out of his mouth would determine the fate of a family in Shavellight."And also withdraw all investments that are unnecessary and will harm the company, later I will send investments from anyone that must be withdrawn. I request that all files be sent to my e-mail as soon as possible.""...One more thing, I saw that there was an empty land belonging to the Dragon's Palace Enterprise, so I ask you to imme
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Chapter 8
Alvine was about to find a present for Sherly, but Alvine forgot that he had not had lunch yet, and coincidentally there was a five star restaurant called Wanafiyer Lumionus. The restaurant is so famous in the city of Shavellight, even famous in the whole of Nappalon, that it was named the third best Restrona.Not just anyone can order a place there, because the price is very expensive, and also the place is never empty. Many wealthy people in Shavellight have to wait up to a month just to get a seat and enjoy a sumptuous meal there.Alvine walked towards the entrance of Wanafiyer Lumionus after previously contacting Derixs and asking about Wanafiyer Lumionus. After receiving an explanation from Derixs, most of the business areas in Monzezela Paradise belonged to the Dragon's Palace Enterprise, including Wanafiyer Lumionus." Stop!!! Suddenly three beautiful girls and two security guards stopped Alvine's steps, "Have you booked a place, sir?" one of the beauties asked Alvine, while th
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Chapter 9
Leavy and Lenna followed by his three friends finally entered to fulfill an invitation from Jhonny Harmold who invited him for dinner. While Almena Yopiel was still trying to get Alvine to leave that place, it was a pity that Alvine completely ignored what Almena said.Alvine at night kept looking at the departure of the five beautiful girls without caring that Almena Yopiel felt himself very humiliated and looked down upon by Alvine, so he walked up to Alvine and.PlakkA slap from Almena Yopiel landed hard on Alvine's cheek, making Avine furious this time." Unlucky!! How dare you slap me Miss Yopiel!! Are you tired of working here?” Avine snapped while glaring at Almena Yopiel, he was ready to reply to Almena's slap which he thought was too much, but suddenly Rafael came out and pushed Alvine's body."Don't even think about getting slapped by my future brother-in-law Alvine, or you will have trouble with the Yanxnnes family," Someone shouted loudly, causing Alvine and the others to
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Chapter 10
Hearing the threats from Rafael and also Almena, Oliver just smiled then approached and said loudly, “Who is afraid of the Yaxnnes family? Listen young people, you better go home, because maybe right now your family needs you, to solve the crisis that just hit your family,"Rafael furrowed his brows as a sign of not understanding what Oliver Scooth said, “What do you mean Mr. Scooth? Why do you say that my family is in crisis?”“Just so you know Second Master Yaxnnes, if your family is currently destroyed, all of its assets have also been used up, and the Cooperation with Dragon's Palace Enterprise has also been completely cancelled. In other words, the current Yaxnnes family had fallen into poverty in just ten minutes. So why should I be afraid of your family, and you better get out of my sight now.”Rafael gaped because he couldn't believe what Oliver Scooth had just said, as well as Almena who wasn't sure either. Is it possible for a family as wealthy as the Yaxnnes family to be de
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