Strange man - who are you? what do you want ?

Chaitanya - We are here to meet Mr.Zero .Where can we find him . Could you please say ?

Strange man - Its impossible to meet Mr.Zero because he will only give chance to them who wins in his tournament.If you won the tournament he will anything you asked . He will ever prove his words.

Maniking - What tournament ? should we fight with someone .

Strange man - Yes exactly , If you participate then you will have only two options either to die or to win or kill . Still you to meet him go straight and take third left where you can find entrance to your death .

Chaitanya - thank you,,,

And Trilok also has reached the planet and when he landed another space ship also came there and a girl came out...

Trilok - Hello miss who are you and where you are from ???

Magic girl - I am NOYAMI and i am here for kwen. And who are you??

Trilokesh - I am Trilokesh , same i too want to meet kwen ,but whats the matter with kwen ?

Magic girl - I am from a Magic w
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