Duke's Son Wish To Follow The Story

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Duke's Son Wish To Follow The Story

By: Q.Biey OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Mikhail who suddenly woken up to be in the body of a side character name Leon Fronti from the Novel [Truth Dragon Slayer] decides to stay low and let the story flow the way it is. . [Truth Dragon Slayer] is the novel related to the boy named Lee Joshua who got transferred to another world and had to go on adventures to slay a dragon that could help him to grant him, his wish to go back to his original world. . During his journey along the way, he will find an accompany that could help him realize his dream and one of his friends is Leon Fronti's younger brother which is Luis Fronti. . "what a pain in the ass.. this situation is... well... I don't care... let's just follow the story for now" . Hence the story begins while Leon Fronti tries his best to not disturb the flow of the story of this Novel. For now.


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The earth turns to chaos. Monster invaded from the sky. Humans awaken with superpowers.Just like any common Light Novel, without a doubt, I'm also awakened with those power. But the problem is, I'm already 50s this year and also Chief of Defence Forces, head of the Malaysian Armed Forces. More importantly, my power is not that useful. But because I was called awakened, I still need to step forward and fight. Aigoo, what a sad life for an old guy like me.Sigh*Readers, if you thought that kind of thing was the only disaster for me. I'm telling you, that was totally wrong. Well, let me tell you how bad my life is...not enough in battling 3 building tall monsters in my age 50s, my back also being slapped by that bastard monster tail and my entire body was smashed into the building near it. And of course, I can feel that my vision is darkening and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to faint but...The next moment I woke up, I was in the garden, sitting on a chair, and saw a guy that I didn'
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Chapter 1: Side Character
"Master..."The man could tell that someone calling him. But the man could not hear it clearly yet."Young master...."'hmmm...who???'Frown*There's a visible frown on the man's face at this moment. He couldn't help it as he felt confused by the way that someone address him and his eyes subconsciously opened. Rather than the destroying city and rumbling building, what greeted him was a young man standing there with a slightly smiling expression."I'm sorry to wake you... young master Leon""huh??? who??""Young master...Leon??... are you trying to ask... who I am?? It's me... Kelt, young master's butler"The man sat upright on his chair upon hearing the answer. He looked up from the bottom to the top of his body. And then, he glances at the shadow of himself inside the cup of sky juice on the table in front of him. Inside the cup was a blue hair man who seemed to frown looking back at him.'that's... me huh??'His frowning face then subconsciously changes to an indifferent expressio
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Chapter 2 : The Royal Event
He could hear the other side replying to the knight's announcement. The door then opens. He could see an old man wearing a butler outfit was the one to open the door, and between the door, there was a table facing it, and behind it, a man in mid of the 40s was sitting on his chair and sitting upright, looking at him with a serious face. But, "Welcome my son to my office" Star~smile* A sudden shout with a dazzling smile on the man's face toward Leon broke entirely the seriousness that he created just now. Leon thus smiles back at him gently as he walks into the office, staring at the man before slightly gazing at the other two men that were at the right side near the man's big office table with a greeting smile. 'hmm... Luis Fronti and... secretary Alex Levin' His gaze then fixed back on his father. "Greeting to my lord, Duke Carl Fronti" Stiffened* Silence thus descends on the entire office. All of the people in the office stiffened from the greeting that Leon give to Duke
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Chapter 3 : Unforgettable Promise
Duke Carl suddenly stops chuckling. His face and eyes turn cold.'why did the air suddenly turn cold??'Alex look at his Lord's face and flinched. He could see how cold his Lord's face and gaze were right now. It's suffocated.'something is wrong...why suddenly like this...it felt like, my lord was trying to kill someone.'Except that someone might be his son.Alex turns his face to look at Leon's relaxed expression.'ah... this oddball... didn't he know how dangerous his father's expression was right now?? why is he so chill???'Alex starts to think that Leon is really a weird young master.'it's not like he is not weird from the start... ah let's not get involved...'Alex thus ignores the situation and looks away from the duo. He felt like, he wants to run away from there."Leon Fronti... are you being serious right now!!!??"Duke Carl's body trembled as he shouted in anger. He felt angry just from remembering that 'promise' they, no... to be exact, promise that Leon makes. Leon ig
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Chapter 4 : The Young Leon
Alex couldn’t help but shout in surprise before closing his mouth with both of his hands. ‘disappear?? what the hell Young master Leon was thinking???’ But Duke Carl just ignores Alex's shocking expression and continues his story. Eighteen years ago, before Luis was born, everything was normal. Leon was a boy that was full of spirit, imagination, and clever. He is also a very well manner kid. Everyone in the mansion and outside really adores him. Until the day Luis was born. 3 years after Luis was born, Leon become 5 years old, as a child with many curiosities, he find something odd about himself and the rest of the family. As soon as he thought that… Everything change. “he started to question why he was difference… why he had blue hair and blue eyes…why he was not the same as the rest of the family??” Since those questions pop up quite often, everyone begins to avoid him. Everyone in the mansion including the outside start to avoid him, to ensure they won’t slip out the truth.
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Chapter 5 : His Truth
Both Leon's parents gazed straight at Leon with a shocked expression.“Leon Fronti!!!!!! what… what do you mean by that!!!!???”As Duke Carl realized what he just heard, he couldn’t help but shout to Leon in an angry voice. Duchess Julia watches the angry Duke with worry expression and turns back to Leon with concern.“Leon… why… why you say that….”Duchess Julia asks Leon with worry gazed. Her eyes were begging for Leon to explain.“Are you insane Leo--”“calm down darling… there must be an explanation for this… just listen first!!”Shout Duchess Julia as she faces Duke Carl, trying to calm her husband. Duke Carl shot Leon with a flaming glare while Duchess Julia turn back towards Leon who was silent while watching her husband with determined eyes.Sigh*“It's just as I said before... I plan on living isolated after this… I won’t take part in the heir study anymore… I’m just gonna live in silence now… then… when I reach the age of 20 and Luis reaches his age of illegible for him to b
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Chapter 6 : Mother's tears
Leon paused as his father interrupted him. Duchess Julia becomes anxious as she begins to realize this talk direction.“why for now???? why do you say we could live as a family only for now?? what do you mean… isn’t it enough if you live iso—”“darling you…”Gasp*Duke Carl quickly closes his mouth as he suddenly realized that he almost agrees with his son's suggestion.‘shit… this talk is following Leo's direction...’Duke Carl cursed inside of him. Duchess Julia becomes restless, she knows if she didn’t stop her husband just now… this talk will surely agree with her son. Then, she will lose her son.“for now, because… though we won’t fight… the one who already lose from the start… won’t have a place in this mansion…”Bam*But, without hesitating, Leon shoved both of his parents with the truth that they don’t want to admit. Yes… in a noble’s family, if ones lose position as an heir or do not become the lord, they don’t have any qualification to stay in the mansion, they will be sent
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Chapter 7 : Scary Young Master
As Duke Carl heard Leon shout toward his wife, he immediately went to her left side.“honey why do you bite your lips like that…”Duke Carl is also on his knees, and his hand quickly touches his wife's face and onto her lips.“it must be hurt… let me see it”Says him as he used his right hand to take a peek at his wife’s bleeding lips. She opens her tightened lips to allow her husband to wipe her bleeding lips. She could see how concerned her husband and son are as she gaze helplessly back and forth between the two. Her tears stop.“you’re concerned when I’m bleeding like this… so what about my heart that you cut just now”Stiffened*Both her husband and son stiffened as she says that. They both look at her before looking at each other.‘this duo is… really piss me off!!!’she thought.“mother I … I’m sorry but I will still do this even if you trying to stop me”Leon says with determined eyes. Duke Carl sigh after looking at his son's face and finally gazed back at his wife.“honey… i
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Chapter 8 : For Leaving
Leon was the last one that arrived at the dining hall, that's why he hastily went inside. He already wearing different clothes now as his body was sweating from training his sword just a while ago. He was wearing simple blue clothes and pants while his back hair was tied up with blue ribbon.As he arrives inside, he could see from the place he was standing, his father, Duke Carl was at the end of the table, at the center, while his mother was at the right side of his father and his younger brother was at the left side of his father. It seems both his parents and younger brother still didn’t start eating yet, as they are waiting for him.“I’m sorry I’m a bit late father… mother and Luis”“It's fine Leo… take a sit… Let’s start eating now that Leo is here.”Leon takes a sit in the center across his father's sit as he hears his father's casual reply. There are six chairs that separate him from his father sit. He put his hand on the cutlery set on his table and nonchalantly ate the steak
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Chapter 9 : The Oath
Leon stops speaking. He looks at his mother who suddenly burst into conversation. The Duchess looks frantic and startled by his words.'is she still can't accept my leaving??'he looks at her with a casual expression and calm."ah"she gasps as she realized how frantic she was just now. She looks at Leon calmly."you... didn't you realize that you're still... not telling Luis about this right??"Gasp*'oh... right... I suppose not telling him yet but...'Leon glance at Luis who's wearing a calm face and still eating his meat elegantly.'he already knows...'smirk*he put on a smiling expression as he turn his head towards his mother's back, though his mother was wearing a calm face, clearly her eyes give away that...'she looks worried.'he stares at his mother's face with a warm expression."well... I will tell here then"Leon looks at all his family's faces, before adding on mo
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