THE LIFE IS SO CUTE. (After meeting the cute people )

Zero - what ! hahahah..... (loudly) Kill them.

Here Maniking and Chaitanya are fighting againt them. But Vener reached his brother as it was so far from earth....

Vener - Brother... The natural powers we searching are on the earth. But five humans are having them.

Astron - Then why don't you bring them to me ...

Vener - Sorry brother i fought with them but they are very well at using the powers , so i was defeated by them.. But i got information that they went Zando ,Zero , and Kwen to bring those ring parts ..

Astron - oh! ok then, they made simple for us to take the powers and that ring parts . Vener you go to Zando and Zero and i will go for kwen and i will return to you ..

They started as their plan and Himakar and that lady went her house with Dhanush...

Lady - What's the matter with Zando . Dont worry i dislikes him you can say to me .

Himakar - Ok we are here to take a man back and he is the son of a business man in my planet . Can you say the way into his castle?

Lady - yes my
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