Will it happen?

Himakar - We are NATURAL HEROES from earth.I think you know about the natural powers & Dark .The dark unlocking ring part is in your father. We want it to rescue the universe from the Astron.

Dhanush - And also we should un prison Mr.Steve Robert.

Lara - So what should I do know ? I am very nervous.

Himakar - Its very important for the whole universe. If you can't help us maybe the ASTRØN will kill your father and take that part. You know that how cruel that your father is .

Lara - Ya , but ok I will try. Firstly I will explain the whole blue print of this palace. Then you should only completely your job.

They went in the palace and released Steve robert and went to kill the Zando .

Zando - Who are you ? how did you entred into my castle ??

Himakar - We are here to kill you and take the ring piece from you ?

Zando - Haha! Did Alex sent you ?

He called his soliders and an amazing fight taken place and Dhanush showed his full powers and he is trying to impress Zando's daughter , but she
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