Lightning God of ninja world

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Lightning God of ninja world

By: KarmanSingh OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A man got reincarnated during warring states period ( sengoku ) in a child of bai clan who was originally a waste . Follow the story of a man who transformed from a waste to a legend , a god which is respected and feared by all . His journey of developing his clan and himself to be the strongest , even senju and uchiha dare not to fight with them . ……………………………………………………………………………… P.O.V Author - This is my first time writing a novel , if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.

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New world
Land of water ,At Bai clan residence ,in a house in the inner region of the clan land , a boy of the age of seven was right now soaked in sweat while laying on his bed suddenly opened his eyes and started panting, it looked like he recently had a nightmare. Looking closely at him, his eyes carried a trace of maturity as well as a tingle of happiness and shock. This boy name was Bai Chen .Pov - Bai Chen' I crossed over , I really crossed over ' , I repeated these words in my mind crazily , and why wouldn't I because I got a second chance to live.'I was died in an accident in my previous life and i thought that it would be the end of me , luckily I crossed over'From some memories he that flashed in his mind he knew that he has reincarnated into the world of ninja . It was the world of a famous anime from my previous life 'Naruto'.He thought of this, he first cooled down his mind and get his breathing calm down. There are still many memories in his mind but they are in fragmented f
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[Waiting for host instructions]Hearing the cold and mechanical voice in his mind Bai chen was really excited, he never thought that the advance AI Chip from his previous life will travel with him.These chip are representation of the latest technology of my previous world . It's main function is to analyse data and can store amount of knowledge within it though there are other functions.With this chip he would have at least have some confidence in surviving in this this dangerous world."Chip, sort out the memories and create a new folder and store them." Bai chen ordered.[Acknowledging host instruction, organising the memories of host in a folder][Ding! Task accomplished, host please give a new name to the folder]"Simply name it as Old Memories " seeing that the chip has sorted out the memories in his mind Bai chen was in a good mood ."Chip, transfer me all the information regarding the world you can find in this folder." Bai chen knew that it was the world of ninja but he sti
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[Beep! Conducting the second task according to host's instruction, scanning host's body]After getting instructions from Bai chen the chip immediately got to work , starting with scanning his body while deducing best routine for him. Chip's scans are really detailed which can reach genetic level.The scanning only lasted for a few seconds and chip projected 3-D model of the body in his mind with description on side .After skimming through the details his mind only had one thought 'I knew that original owner of the body was a waste but after seeing the description I believe that he was not just an ordinary waste but an complete waste.''The original owner of the body had a weak body . Because of his weak body the amount of chakra he can refine was very low, he didn't even try hard to improve his physical condition.There were a few times where he started training, but he gave up very quick.' 'He became lazy fellow who relied on his identity as the clan head's son to survive till now
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First night
At the dinner table two people were seen sitting , they talked occasionally while waiting for the dinner to be served. These two people were Bai quing and Bai chen , their conversation was mainly about Bai quing's concerned about Bai chen's health while Bai chen consoling his father that he was alright now and didn't feel much pain.After confirming a few more times that Bai chen was really telling the truth did he finally let go of his worries . Seeing the expression of relief on his father's face Bai chen's heart had a tingle of warmth, he knew how many sacrifices Bai quing has made for his son. Even though this body's original owner was dead and the current Bai chen may not be his real son but he still very much respected Bai quing and quickly accepted him as his father.They didn't wait for too long and the dinner was served by a woman who was also in her twenties . The woman who served the food had a warm smile on her fa. She was very beautiful and had a graceful figure. She is
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Waking up the next day, Bai chen felt refreshed . It was already late.'Hmm my body is feeling a lot lighter though its still weak. Looks like crossing through worlds took up a lot of energy and after taking a night's rest my energy have recovered'The injury on his head was still hurting a little, but it was still in his tolerance range.Exiting his room Bai chen walked towards the hall where food was served, their house was a big traditional japanese style. There, on the table his breakfast was already served. He couldn't see his parents, his mother is not just a housewife but also a high level kunoichi in clan so she naturally has responsibilities proportionate to her rank and have to leave early for her duties.After he finished eating, he came to the courtyard at the backside. At courtyard he started his training according to chip instructions.[Beep! Detecting 7 mistakes in host's posture][ Detecting host's body out of sync]……While running around the courtyard a series of n
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Chakra was an necessity if you want to become a powerhouse in this world . The more chakra you have more strength you can exert.But there is also a cruel fact that the upper limit of your chakra is determined the moment you are born , it is in other words a person innate talent . If a person works hard to improve yourself while taking all necessary precautions he may be able to extend his limit .Chakra is produced because of integration of sprit with all the body cells . The chakra produced during one's meditation and is carried through the body through meridians and collected in at one place which is our dantian .A person can produce limited amount of chakra after one round of meditation and how long a person can meditate depends on the person . The amount of chakra produced by a person in one round of refinement is dependent of his or her body and spirit . That means if a person have a strong body and spirit then he will produce more chakra than one with weak body and spirit .
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Three months
Bai chen seriously started scanning the books on the shelf . There is a lot of data missing in chip , the chip can give me a lot of advantage but it needs a lot of knowledge as well to show that advantage .He only needs to take a look to scan a page and at least two minutes to scan the whole book . Bai chen took an hour to scan all the books available . Chip sorted all the information and filtered the unwanted content.It was now four o'clock , his body has recovered but there was still some time for the second round of training . So he started practicing on his chakra control ability . Chip suggested a few ways which could help him like treading on water , climbing trees or practicing three body techniques .'Well i have seen that in the original storyline the three body techniques are not much useful and except for the substitution ninjutsu ,so practicing rest will be a waste of time ,even transformation ninjutsu will only be of little use because these times wars are common so p
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It was evening time and the sun was at its hottest.Right now, in a courtyard of one of the houses in Bai clan land, a boy with a height of 120 centimetres was practicing some strange movements. The expression on his face was like he was struggling, his clothes were all drenched and his skin was red for some reason but he still continued with his movements. Looking carefully you will notice that despite his condition, his breath was not out of order instead it was always steady and moved in a certain rhythm.After ten minutes of performing these movements he stopped and fell on the ground. He was greedily gasping for air and it took him some time to stabilise. If someone saw Bai chen who was laying in the courtyard, it will be hard for them to believe that he was the same weakling from three months ago. He had had bright eyes unlike the previous gloomy ones, he grown at lease five centimetres taller, has handsome facial features. He now had a robust physique with well defined muscle
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Bai chen was passing through the streets , there were not alot of people seen but you can still get a glimpse of few of them , men's mainly wore samurai armour while female with weaker physique wore a standard kunoichi dress with light armour protecting their vital parts. The houses here were well built which was surprising, before he thought that all clans lived in crude houses as putting efforts in building proper houses which can be destroyed in war is a waste of effort. It looks like he was wrong, Bai clan is a great clan and this being the place where clan member resides, it is quite safe.After three months , members of clan have stopped discussing about the previous incident. Though adults didn't care much about it but children around his age still mocked him whenever they saw him . It was the first time Bai chen had such an experience , so he was a bit irritated. Though they were surprised when they saw his changes but it didn't effect them.Bai chen didn't retort their rid
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Fight - 1 (Rescue)
Tsume valley was a small valley with a river flowing through it . The valley was completely covered by tall trees and mist . Occasionally few roars could be heard .Right now , Bai chen had a solemn expression . This eyes were locked on the figure standing opposite to him . It was a big bear . The bear had red eyes with brown fur , saliva was dripping down from its mouth as it growled at him . There were many injuries on its body but the bear just ignored them .One look an you can tell that it was not an ordinary wild bear but a wild beast .Though it didn't know how to utilise chakra in its body but still the chakra gave it a considerable boost in physique. It had sharper fangs , longer and more deadlier claws . Its size was also huge - about ten meters long and five meters high - which indicates its explosive strength.Let's rewind the time for few minutes~Bai chen has been in this forest for two hours and after two hours of relentlessly searching he still couldn't find any beast
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