They three went to to the planet. On that night the pschyo killer killed another business person. The person is also related to Abhay ram's company.

The killer was Dhanush . Himakar followed Dhanush saw that he killed the person. Later They both came home.

Himakar - Where are you coming from?

Dhanush - Just roaming out side for fresh air. Why ?

Himakar - Nothing , I have seen a person who is like you. He killed someone. I though that you did .Thank god ! (serious)Why are your killing them as a psycho killer. You till three members until now. The common thing is all you killed persons are business partners of your father. Did you killed your father too ?

Dhanush hugged Himakar and cried a lot .

Dhanush - (sadly) My mother died when i'm 5. So many people cheated in the business , for some years my father was nothing . But he doesn't lost his hope for me. And on one day he became the world no.1 richest person for nearly 10 years . That's my father . I ever proud of him.

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