Magic girl - Because of you both we are prisioned here. How should we escape now ? There are many monsters here .

Trilokesh - What we have done ? You always needs to kill the Astron na ! So now go and kill him.Do any magic now.

Magic girl - I will do, there are monsters surrounded us . i will try to open the gate, then you both go and finish the monsters around us

Kwen and Trilokesh ( at a time ) - yeah ready..

When she opned the gate three members at a time a fought with monsters and they went to the space ships .

Kwen - What's the plan now ?

Trilokesh - Ok , First we should know where the Astron was and then we will kill him and we will return to Earth..

Kwen - Kill him ! Are you thinking its easy to kill the monster legend Astron ?

Trilokesh - Maybe , but we should try na . I think my friends are on the way for me. They are also natural heroes , so they will also help us.

They three escaped from their with any doubt for any monsters with magic and they successfuly entered into th
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