Monster-1 - Where we are going now ?

Monster-2 - we are going to earth to take the ring parts , but Astron changed plane because he have some Health issues so we are going to earth for cheakup .

Monster 1 - Say clearly you stupid.

Monster 2 - First Astron and minister will go the earth are they will check-up ASTRØN about his health issues and they return. Until then we should wait in spaceship out of the earth.

Monster 1 - Okay.Shit how much time I should wait to eat humans, i'm hungry.

Magic girl - Its the right time to kill Astron because he will be weak now , So come on follow me.

Kwen - What wait , they said its an health issue , may be its a hand problem ,and if we made any mistake in this big space ship they will kill us and they will eat.

Trilokesh - Yes what he said was correct , we have to wait for a correct time.

Himakar said to Dhanush to sleep, but he didnt listen to him so he went to Motor planet to help Alex and other members. So Himakar noticed and immedietly he informe
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