Now Himakar is again doing some experiments and he also watching news in tv . In that news a famous personality was talking , Then Astron entered into earth he took his small space ship and he is going towards Himakar because we know he is a best doctor , Himakar saw Astron coming into his office so he changed his face into that famous personality who was in tv..

Astron - Hey doctor come and check me ..

Himakar - What ! I am not a security guy to check you , i'm a world's no.1 doctor .

Astron - I have an health issue so i came for complete checkup, so do it .

Himakar - Okay don't worry. In my life I have checked many monsters illegally. But I didn't seen this type of you. Are you only one who left alive in your planet ?

Astron - Its none of your business. And nobody can't see my type of monsters because I am the Legend of monsters.

Himakar is doing checkup and he is waiting for reports ..When Maniking and others entred into Mortot planet there they saw conflict, there they saw a mini
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