So they headed towards Motor planet . Maniking said thanks for Mr.O for helping these people . And he asked a man where kwen, trilokesh and he said they were in Astron's planet . Alex , Maniking , Chaitanya , Dhanush , Mr.O and his soliders started to Astron's planet.

Astron and his army went to Motor planet they saw no one . so he asked a men in street that where are bloody natural heroes and he replied that they went to Astron's planet . so they started to his planet . Himakar is seeing the whole ship and suddenly he saw Trilokesh .

Himakar - Hey Trilokesh, how are you ? How did you came here ?

Trilokesh - Who are you ? Wait i saw you on internet , but how did you came into this space ship ?

(Himakar deleted his mask)(The face changing mask is also an VIP gadget .)

Himakar - Its me man , i changed my face to enter into this space ship and its a long story .

Trilokesh - Its good to see you my friend..
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