The World Before Darkness[Unedited]

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The World Before Darkness[Unedited]

By: MyFirstLoveShin CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Drachenstein a mysterious teenager gambled his life to be transmigrated to another world. Yet he didn't expect he actually? ...... Transmitted. The World, his soul landed upon has supernatural things that made him in a euphoric state. They called themselves 'Lord' If one steps out from the mortal self. They called themselves a 'Dark Lord' If one possesses a Dark Elemental Palace and Dark Orphell Circuit. Their lives are harmonious and lively until the incident occurs making his true self emerge and shattering his heart.

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  • Zeros


    The 18+ is funny...

    2022-03-15 13:36:02
  • Aescwine


    I think the story is a bit fast paced. Apart from that, the story is good and the characters are good.

    2022-03-03 21:50:43
  • MyFirstLoveShin


    I saw some minor grammatical errors but still good, looking forward to it. the power/ranking system looks interesting and mc attitude, this will be fun.

    2022-02-24 13:21:51
  • jordanfinan


    Good read especially With her friends help her for her family

    2022-04-21 17:58:11
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59 chapters
CHAPTER 1 - Transmigrated
"Where am I?" A lifeless voice could be heard inside a dark room piled with all kinds of dried vegetables as the stench already pervaded the room. Urrrrrrrrg! The person in the dark kept clutching his head and squirming uncontrollably. Urgh! What is this! The person raises his half body and breathes heavily but the first welcome when he breathes is the stench of dried vegetables inside. Uuuuurgh! The person moved his other hand to cover his mouth and gazed at his s
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Chapter 2 - Genius
"You are a genius that would only appear in every 200 years." He said surprisingly.   "Hehehe if you want I can make you my disciples." He didn't put the formalities anymore. When I heard it every 200 years I feel the words are a bit exaggerated but maybe he is right, haha.   If I am a 200 years old genius then hehe. A grin appeared on my face. He probably wants me so I just need to make demands my needs first or when I become his disciple I will become a beggar living in this slum.    Sir, Khris said inwardly, "This is a rare genius if I can help even a little then I don't need to fear the 4th prince anymore."   "Sir I think you are not qualified to teach me." My words might be a bit hurtful but that's the truth. I also want to find out what he is and if he really could shelter me.   He became angry hearing but remembering his potential, he let it pass.
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Chapter 3 - The birthed of genius
  "Do you know who is that guy standing there?." "He is standing there for almost 3 hours." "Is he a fool?" "I also wonder, how about let's asked Sir, Khris." As they pointed him standing, laying his back on the wall. A guy with thin yellow hair, tan skin and has clothes like medieval, yellow eyebrows, and eyes that want to fulfill their curiosity but hidden within has jealousy. "Sir, who is that guy?" As he pointed me. "Yeah sir, we also want to know."   This guy is eager to know my identity? I'm just standing here didn't do act anything yet this fellow wants to know me. Well, humans are curious it's hard to satiate. Let's just see and observe. His master honestly replied, "He is my Student!." "Your Students? Wow." "I heard that's sir, Khris is master of using Aura Mana?" "What a lucky kid." "I wish master Khris would choose me I mean sir, Khris. The guy
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Chapter 4 - Heritic Olympian Sword style
  Finally, the day arrived in the afternoon. I'm quite happy now because my master wants to teach me sword style. "For observing I've now found a sword style perfectly fit for you." I asked, "What is it, master?" He said, "Heretic Olympian sword style." He then stands in the middle of the practice yard."Watched me carefully." He then slowly moved like his body being swept by the wind. "The first thing you should've put in your mind when practicing Heretic Olympian is to make your body soft and moved like your body is being swept by the wind. He then moved again teaching me how to do it. When he found I have wronged. "Don't just your body but also all your limbs." He is a good teacher he would teach every mistake I took. We practiced for over 2 hours. "Probably in the next few days you can master it." He said with a happy tone. "Well, for now, let's go for the second s
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Chapter 5 - Who are you?
Night descends. Inside a bar with wide as 30 people laying with light glowing on the top.A guy on the left side is drinking angrily as he didn't care about the world anymore.His table has piled up with an unopened bottle of wines."…..why? Why? I've worked hard but it just turned nothingness? I endured the sky raining my body, I endured the hungriness eating my mind yet he didn't accept me?." Inside Lemuel's mind, a figure of Drachenstein appeared as his blood began to boil, "If not for that kid I wouldn't end up like this, he is the one who robbed my spot!" As he clenched his hands of angriness."In the future, future! I will certainly skin your body, torture you day in night ." His face already became distorted as if was in any second would eat a human."As for the bowl-headed bastard, he made me look like a fool. To think that I've worked hard just to become his disciple yet? He didn't even glimpse at me?" Remembering it he smashed
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CHAPTER 6 - Mortal
   Morning Arrived. The meat is already gone so I go to the place again to buy foods we can eat.But before I left we quarrel with Master. Earlier ago. "Don't buy again, vajra meat is so expensive. Just find affordable meat." "Why though? I thought you would grant all my needs, I don't even have beds?" I asked with a serious face imprinted on my face"Is not that I don't want to grants your needs, it's just that there's a problem.""What problem?" I asked curiously."In the future, you will know. For now, just buy affordable meat."I didn't pry his secret any longer and he should also don't need to change the word 'rotten' to affordable. Well, that's how it turned out of our so-called quarrel earlier.……..Same as usual the plac
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Chapter 7 - Hidden Creature
  In the practice yard in noon with clouds parting in the sky as the bird flew along with it.   "Listen carefully, now I will tell you the ranking realm of this world and the so-called bloodline." A familiar voice sounded out.   "Master? Then I will listen carefully to every word you spoke." I replied to him because I'm eager to know the ranking realm of this world.   "Listen." He said. "Yes." "Just like I said earlier this world is run by Mana." He said and stopped.   "Yes, I already knew it."   "Do you know why? I haven't given you magic cultivation?"   I said, "I don't know." It's not like I will answer 'I, already knew it. I'm not some sort of old monster reincarnated having a wide knowledge of this world.   He continued, "Our magic realm is divided into 7 parts. Do you know what is the first o
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CHAPTER 8 - My newly Created
"Wow, what sword style is that? Dracho." I heard a voice so I then turned my head, "Oh! Crissy, you are here." "What sword style is that Dracho." Her eyes glow with dazzling light as if wants to lighten me, so she can learn this sword style for free. I replied, "My love for you." "My love for you?" She confusedly mumbled and asked. "My love for you sword style." I then add the last words. As for him, he also mumbled, "My love for you sword style? Had you heard this Sephira?" He asked the little girl. Sephira replied after she heard the voice familiarity outside the spirit, "I haven't known this sword style hmmm."When she propped her hand to her head thinking she looked adorable as she remembered something in the past and said, "I already knew the name of the sword style master." He asked, "What is it?""The
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Chapter 9 - Gensen Club
 •The time when I learned the sword style.Is there another way to make the Buomros meat tender? Why is it so hard, like rubber?Thinking while waiting to boiled the meat suddenly, I heard a voice.Suddenly in outside a voice of middle-aged voice sounded out, "Faster your work we're going to practice." … … When I heard the voice I regain my self of what was going on as I then moved and put all the branches in the fire to make the fire strong and the boiling time decreased.Even though I'm doing work I still didn't stop thinking of my future and what ability I could use for saving my life in dire situations.Life is unpredictable, if your decision is made mistake only regrets succumbed to you.Now that I'm still mortal I don't know what trump card I could use to save my life. My master didn't even give things that could save me.I don't know if he has the money that could
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Chapter 10 - Target Arrived
          While practicing my newly created sword style in the storage room I heard my master voice.           "Come here now let's eat breakfast."           I then moved and walked inside the kitchen because the table and kitchen are just near which only length of one average human.           "Another bland meat." I then sat down and started to eat.           "Just bear it." Said of my master.       &n
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