As the adage goes, the house belongs to the rats when the cat is gone.

This had been the state of Greenwich island, after the death of the mafia king.

The foreign opium planters who had been doing their planting in secret have suddenly grown wings, start clearing all available lands, and set up factories for heroin.

El Capon ignored them through the twenty-one days of mourning and prayer for the departing soul of the mafia king.

Today was the final rites which were witnessed by all the mafias far and near and all the islands Inhabitants as a whole.

During the rites, El Capone had ignored his brother, who use every available opportunity to smirk and taunt him.

According to tradition, all the family of the late king must spend twenty-one days of mourning and prayer for the departing soul

The curfew will be declared on the whole island, everybody must be indoors or at the palace where foods and drinks are always in surplus.

But the foreigners knowingly or unknowingly had disobeyed the protocol and had continued their day-to-day activities.

El Capone heard all this and knew they were supported by his brother, who is looking for conflict. Of course, he has some in store for them.

Today, been the last day of the rites, he had vowed before all his ancestors to protect the legacy and save the land from the cunningness of the foreigners. He now felt renewed and alleviated.

All his ancestors have agreed and promised to help him fulfilled his vow.

Somewhere in a dark alcove in the palace. Two lovers were seen cuddling and kissing.

"You are going tonight and will forget about me." The lady said, concern shown on her face as she dread the thought of not seeing her lover again.

"I swear before all gods of this land that I will never forget you, nor touch any other woman except you," the young man in black uniform replied.

"Ahh," the lady quickly used her right hand to cover her lover's mouth who seemed to be mocking the gods with his phoney pledge under the influence of passion.

"You don't believe me?" The young mafia seemed insulted now.

"No my love, I just don't want us to make any promise knowing not what tomorrow will bring." She said, nestling closer to him and stroking his nipples "Remember we are supposed to be enemies as your lord and my lord are."

The young mafia shook his head. "Their war and not ours." That can't stop my feelings for you and I accept to be judged by my vow which I make of my own free will and not under duress."

The young lady nodded in agreement. " I have a thought that can bring us together, forever." She said.

"Penny for it" the young mafia responded.

"I'm one of El Capon's bathe-maid and I always go with him wherever he goes. I can inform you in advance, then you can tell your boss to attack and kill him. When he's gone, your boss will be in command of everything and we can easily get married from the money he will give us for our help."

"Good idea except for one thing, his gang members will be there to protect him and I don't see any chance of success." The young mafia said.

"Don't worry about this," I assure you we will have our chance. Just tell your boss and get back to me as soon as possible. You can drop any message you have with the blind beggar beside the palace gate."

The young mafia nodded in response, he cling to his lover, his left hand on her firm breast while his right hand at the back of her neck, drawing the neck closer to his face, as he kissed her.

Love, they say has no boundary.

Andrea can't sleep as she tossed ups and down on her bed, and then hissed with contempt at her husband who was fast asleep and snoring beside her.

Men in general, are known to be carefree and unconcerned even when their life is at stake.

Only a man will be seen dozing even on his way to the gallow where he will be hanged!

But for a woman, nature had been so cruel to add anxiety to their pains and that's why every woman is worried about her past, present, and future.

Born into a peasant family where her whole ancestor had been nothing but peasants in the land of Greenwich. Her father had gotten married to the daughter of her father's best friend, who was a fisherman, and the new family survived by planting, which are bought by the royal household to be sold to foreigners. 

Andrea was the first of a family of four daughters. Growing up, she had never dreamed of wealth nor opulence, neither is she ever-ambitious and would have been happy as a poor opium farmer's wife, as well as she is now.

But life, they say is filled with knots and jams!

The gods had deemed her fit to be chosen to save their lands from devastation.

One thing is certain, war.

She had heard from some of her palace maid who was told by their lovers how Country P farmers and Greenwich farmers had been hiding different weapons imported by the foreigners into the land. The farmers had all been bought over by the incomers who promised to double the buying price of their opium, instigating them into revolts and riots.

Yet, they are nothing in the land of the gods. Unfortunately, El Ramon who should have upheld the tradition of this land is the one protecting the saboteur. Together, both forces are more than fatal for the house of El Capon. And nothing but destruction awaits her husband who lay beside her snoring without a care in the whole world.

Today, she had put her woman wit into work and had set a plan into motion. Only one thing can stop the impending war.


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