Legacies of light

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Legacies of light

By: FrogPanda7 Updated just nowFantasy

Language: English

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Notice: This will be a long, long story so it will be a slow burn for at least the first two arcs. But if you are in interested in a long wide-ranging story I hope you will read😊 Description: Moving past the death of his only friend and teacher. Orb heads into the world to find a way to die happy and fulfilled. though the boy who lives in the present carries the weight of something that lived in the past. A curse, a blessing, a legacy. The story of those who carry things they should never of had to, and the choices of their lives which effect them of them and the world as a whole. Three chapters a week. link to cover artist: https://www.fiverr.com/winda_chu?source=inbox Usually, somewhere between 2000 and 3000 words per chapter.

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Part 1: Fimbulwinter
Year 1All I feel are sharp pains throughout my body. How long has it been since I started walking? It could only have been just over a day, or I would be dead. I haven't taken time to rest because I feel I would collapse and fall over if I did.My feet are numb, my arms are shaking, and I can barely see anything. My ears are about to fall off, and all the liquid in my body is about to freeze.I feel as though my consciousness could fade at any moment. All I know for sure is the weight of my bag on my back and that I'm walking upwards.Thoughts run through my mind, like how can snow so white clear and beautiful destroy my senses as it is now? I spent years finding the materials to construct clothes resistant to this cold, so that I could climb this mountain at the end of my life, but it barely is doing anything for me.I laugh a little at the hopelessness of my situation, but then my throat feels a sharp pain. I can’t even slightly open my mouth in this cold; the moment the cold air c
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Arc 1.01: Lux Arc
It’s morning, I think to myself as I wake up, or evening, or night, in all honesty, I have no idea which it is, but no time for that. It’s a new day for me, time to explore. So I put on the clothes I have claimed as my own, say good morning to my darling and set out first; I check the kid’s door.The snow has yet to return to the child’s door, so I open it and see that it’s very much a kid’s room. On the bed in the room, I go up close and see the kid sleeping. After getting a good look at the kid, I concluded it couldn’t be any older than five or six years. Its hair is also white again.I should also check its gender; however, I don’t want to strip a kid. Hence, I decide to leave before the kid wakes up and gets an even worse opinion of me. Closing the door of the kid’s room, I go look around.On the second floor, I found a lot of empty rooms with nothing in them though they all look well-kept. I found a study and what I believe is a walk-in closet with many females and a few male gar
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Arc 1.02
Ten months later“Do we only exist to suffer,” this is the only thought that goes through my head as I get up from the floor. I can’t keep doing this. It’s been almost two thousand combinations I am about to go insane!But the worst part is that these fruits are super nutritious. It’s making me healthier. My sense of taste is sharper than it ever was, so I can feel that disgusting aftertaste even more. The only way solace I have, is the shower I take at times to relieve stress, but the water has no temperature, so it’s just pressure.Though I have been making some progress on one front, the kid has been staring at me from a closer and closer distance. It’s at the point where the kid can stay in the same room as me, as long as I pretend not to see it.Still, if I try to start a conversation, it no longer screams but runs away fast, which has stopped any progress beyond this point. It’s almost been a year, and this is all I have to show for it.Still, with how much healthier I have been
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Arc 1.03
Year 2Two weeks laterWhile sleeping I feel a soft fist hitting me constantly; I try to ignore it and go back to sleep, but then it starts hitting me more, and I hear, “Capti” repeatedly.Still, I don’t feel like getting up yet, so I will ignore it, but then I feel a hard impact on my head.Did that brat just headbutt me; “LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE,” I say as I jump from the bed.Then in the corner of my eye, I see the boy trembling with tears in his eyes. Crap, it seems I scared him, but it’s his fault for messing with me in my sleep again.I guess he won’t learn anytime soon. Oh no, his hair is starting to turn yellow, so I should still apologise. Now in my most soothing voice, I say, “Sorry”, he seems to cheer up after that, so I guess I should start my day.Ever since that day when he asked my name, the boy and I have been talking much more. Well, talking might be a stretch since he goes silent whenever I ask a question or looks bewildered, so it’s usually me just answering his que
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Arc 1.04
Year 3Log of the boyName: OrbAge: 8(approximately)Hair: white (normal?) Red (anger), Green (excitement), Yellow (fear)Brown (nervousness) Grey(confusion)Cream(hunger)Lime(lying) Orange(uncomfort)Black(worry)Pink(Happiness)Eyes: Blue(left) Gold(Right)Likes: Drawing, Food, Snow Sculptures, Books, Captivant?Dislikes: Being left aloneHeight: 126 cmWhile Orb is merrily reading some new books I made for him, he asks, “Hey, Capti, what does this word mean.”“Let me see,” I say as I heads over to Orb’s book. The word I see is time.Where do I even begin, to explain the idea of time to Orb is easy, but he loves to keep asking questions, and I am not sure if he is ready to learn arithmetic. Well, I need to start eventually because he will be moving on to tenses, and understanding time is essential for that. So, I decided to go ahead with the explanation.So, as I proceed to give a long lecture to Orb. I explain the idea of time, how we measure it, and the daylight cycle. At first, Or
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Arc 1.05
Year 4“Now, let us begin operation new food,” I say fervently, as Orb claps excitedly beside me.Due to my priorities changing last year, I couldn’t try out the new combinations for the spices and seasonings, so here I am. But I discovered that Orb has a rather sharp tongue, so I asked him to taste each of the spices and seasonings to find out which of the sections I should put them in.This was not by any means a failproof method; We still passed out due to mistakes when splitting the spices up, but it worked out well.I showed Orb the proper amount of spice to put on the fruit. I also made it crystal clear that you shouldn’t mix too many spices; I need to try my best to avoid another poisoning situation.We found four more combinations that neutralise the aftertaste of the fruit, and we successfully found one that made the fruit taste better.“Yummy”, Orb said with delight.“This isn’t just average; It tastes good.”“Orb, we did it!” I say as we both begin jumping with joy. Out of
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Arc 1.06
Year 5Log of the boyName: OrbAge: 10(approximately)Hair: white (normal?) Red (anger) Green (excitement) Yellow (fear)Brown (nervousness) Grey(confusion) Cream(hunger)Lime(lying) Orange(discomfort)Black(worry)Pink(happiness)Purple(?)Gold(arrogance)All with strands of sliverEyes: Blue(left) Gold(Right)Likes: Drawing, Food, Snow Sculptures, Books, Captivant, WolfieDislikes: Being left alone, Physical contactHeight: 150 cm“Orb, it’s time for your special crash course in the Heavens and the Heroes songs. Let me hear your excitement.”Orb screams very cutely.“Orb in this world, there are three main languages in which all others derive from, we call these the trinity languages or the tria carmina. The saviours song, the heavens song and the heroes song.”“Hey Capti, why are there different languages, and why would there be differences between them?”“A language is heavily derived from environments, so If you think about it logically, it won’t make sense for people living all ac
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Arc 1.07
Year 6“Capti, eat this. I made it just for you.”“Orb, I am ok. You have been feeding me like I am a fish lately.”“Well, you need to eat to stay healthy; since starvation is the only thing that can kill an immortal so eat.”I have cared for Capti since her fainted on the floor three weeks ago. But he has been making it hard, he keeps fighting hard back against me, talking as if I am being more of a bother than helping.“Orb, you don’t need to be so annoying about this; I have already eaten.”“More food cannot hurt anyone, so come on, you old man.”“Hey, don’t treat me like I have some kind of disability; I was able to climb this mountain by myself. I am still as healthy as ever.”“You can barely walk now, and have just been sitting on the bed for the last two weeks, old man. Don’t lie to me.”“You underestimate my power watch this,” Capti says as he jumps and does a backflip. Crap, my ankles hurt, but I still did it. “See Orb, look how healthy I am.”“Yes, very healthy now; get back
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Arc 1 End
Name: OrbAge: 11(approximately)Hair: white (normal?) Red (anger) Green (excitement) Yellow (fear)Brown (nervousness) Grey(confusion) Cream(hunger)Lime(lying) Orange(discomfort)Black(worry)Pink(happiness)Purple(?)Gold(arrogance)All with strands of sliverEyes: Blue(left) Gold(Right)Likes: Drawing, Food, Snow Sculptures, Books, Captivant, WolfieDislikes: Being left alone, Physical contactHeight: 152 cmAs I get up slowly from the bed, I see no one beside me. Capti has probably started his hibernation. So, as I slap my face with my hands and say, “I have no time to waste if I want to see Capti. So I immediately head to the study to start my challenge. After getting there, I take a second to take in all my surroundings and realise how many books Capti has stacked away. He did a lot of hard work, so I need to as well. I go up to the desk in the study. It has a giant box with a note on top of it. The letter reads as follows.Hey Orb, how have you been? I guess fine, I probably am n
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Interlude 1
Interlude: Lion’s beginningsThe eternal spider is my country’s icon. It produces silk that is all but impervious to the elements. It can be hard enough to cut through steel while being light and flexible, so its silk is highly valued and brings great prosperity to the country.Everyone in the country is taught at a young age that it is the job of every citizen to protect those spiders, and those who rake in a multitude of achievements and are proved to be trustworthy, are given spiders to keep as their own.The giant spiders constantly crawl around our country to make webs and lay eggs, the webs they spin around the country are said to be one of the five most beautiful sites in the world. Whenever I see them, joy fills my heart.“Lionheart, stop staring at the webs and come over here.”“Ok, brother”-Break-I love my older brother; he has taken care of me and has always stayed by my side since I was a child. He is the only one who has done that since our parents were taken away.I st
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