The middle man between the country P merchants and the black ninja assassins is a tall man of over six feet with a barrel chest. And he was seen walking towards Johji inn, as the sun left the sky, and was taken over by the twilight that comes before darkness.

Dressed in a white flowing garment and brown leather sandals, the man hummed along without a care in the world.

"Keep walking and don't dare turn back," a voice with a feign crisp let out.

The man obeyed, walked on, and pretend he wasn't the one addressed.

"You want the service of the black ninja?"

'Yes, my client needs your service."

"Heard you need ten assassins?"

"Aye, the target is important and influential."

"The black ninjas charge based on the risk and circumstances of the target, are you ready to pay for the service of ten professionals?"

"My client is aware of your reputation and price, we are ready to pay whatever it cost."

"Who is the target?"

"El Capone."

"El Capone?" The voice that answered back sound
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