Three people were seen in deep conversation, inside El Capone's palace.

"El Ramon had employed the services of snipers shooters, and will be distributing them into all the foreigner's farms and factories." Andrea let out.

"Really, how did you hear about this?" Banjo asked with an unbelievable gaze.

"Walls have ears," Andrea replied, facing El Capone, and said. "You need to plan about this when next you are attacking them."

"Yes, we will put this into consideration," El Capone answered back. He looked at his wife for a while, then at his right-hand man, and said. "He is getting desperate, as he needs to get rid of me."

"Can't we reason with him, perhaps we may be able to avoid further bloodshed?" Banjo asked with a concerned look.

"No," El Capone replied. "Talking to my brother is like talking to a rock, and will yield no fruit."

"So what are we going to do? If he is so desperate to get you out of the way, then we must also plan on how to get rid of him."

"Leave him, Banjo.
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