In Another World with Battle God System

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In Another World with Battle God System

By: Reset OngoingFantasy

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Died after being stabbed by a robber trying to save someone. Ren thought that he was swallowed by the endless Void. Found himself reincarnated into Another World and awoke in the body of a teenager who thirst for revenge. In Another World, there are Magic that will give the user unparalleled power, and skills that will let the user have a bigger chance to survive in a world that is filled with danger. However, Ren didn't have any of those. He is talentless. As an orphan who lives in the slums, He is determined to live until one day an incident that involves him will allow him to get a second chance to turn his destiny upside down. [The pieces of a broken Void found its Host] ..... [System Installation] ..... [Displaying status] [Status window] Name: Ren Race: Human Age: 19 Level: 0 ..... Thus comes the time for Ren to change his destiny from a talentless person into the strongest in the world.

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Chapter 01 Another world.
On the slightest consciousness, he has. He opened his eyes slowly only to be covered by a black shadow from the warm embrace of his mother. Once his consciousness was aroused. He could feel all of the bone and muscle tissues in his body screaming in pain, after the collision that happened to them.The shadow began to move, separating itself from the boy and the boy's eyes opened wide after witnessing the figure of his mother with a single pole as thick as his hand plunged on her left chest.However, the woman kept her smile in her mouth seeing her darling child was safe. With her trembling finger, she reached the young boy's cheek caressing it delicately before opening her mouth, with a hoarse voice she began to talk to her son.“..I. am.. glad. Khuk.. cough, cough”.Blood began to clog her mouth and her voice was cut off.“.MOM!”.The boy was alarmed as he tried to seek help from his father in front only to find his condition was worse than his mother's. His body was crushed by the b
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Chapter 02 Talent.
Ren walked into the surroundings of the slums where the stinging scent that invaded his nose and the decaying house that could collapse with a bit of vibration filled his sight. He already got used to this place despite just reincarnating a week ago.The gaze around him that came from the gap in the house, made his skin tingle with discomfort. The people around here are not too great with the neighborhood. They only care for themselves. Harhs world he lives in.The deeper he got the scent became more apparent as he squinted his gaze trying to hold back the stinging scent that even affected his eyes.Ren saw a lone building in the innermost part of the slum area nearing the wall. That is where the thugs usually hang out. Turning his gaze to the sides, he didn't see the three parties he met earlier. Probably they are being misguided by the other lackeys of the boss gang around here.The door of the church opened and two people came out with a disgusting smile on their face. Ren was alar
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Chapter 03 System appeared
The headless corpse that kept sitting on Ren's body went limp as the strength in his hands too. Ren pushed the body away as he began to raise his body. He gritted his teeth as the pain began to sting his nerves and made his face grimace.Then the knight man circled behind him putting his hand on Ren's ribs and helping him to stand up.“You okay, young fella?”.“Ha, ha,, ..Barely, ..Thanks, ouch”.“You are welcome”.The other two women began to approach and the younger one opened her mouth.“What was that commotion about?”.With her clear bell voice, she demanded an answer from Ren. Without muttering a single word he pointed his index finger at the church and at the same time the church door opened and multiple individuals came out hearing the commotion outside.The young woman tilted her head first before opening her eyes wide. Then she turned her gaze at Ren, at the church, Ren again and heard him open his mouth.“She is there”.“Are you certain, young man?”.The female knight, who k
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Chapter 04 Completing the Quest 01
Ren's eyes opened wide seeing the translucent window that appeared before him. It says that a quest has been acquired and needs to be cleared within twenty-four hours, and what worried him the most was the term of failure; it was an imminent death.His body hair stood to no end while shivering. Dread occupied his thoughts. The quest demanded one vile soul of a person to be sent to a Void. So he must kill one person who is deemed as vile to complete the quest that is bestowed upon him by the system.However, the thought of reaping on other lives gave the tingling in his spine and his stomach to churn, but it subsided almost instantly, as the intense memories that occupied the young man named Ren in this world replaced all of the disgust and the hesitation in his thought. He closed his eyes and the memories that he tried to avoid repeating themselves. His blood boiled upon seeing it then as he tried to imagine killing a person with the blade in his hand. Ren shook his mind as he began
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Chapter 05 Completing the Quest 02
As his resolve hardened. Ren began his move; he moved away from his hiding place using a small gap between the decaying house and found himself in another narrow lane that led him to a church in a roundabout way. The feeling of the hard object in his right hand tensed his body as he knew that he was going to do something horrible in his thoughts. The act of killing itself doesn't concern the mind of the young man named Ren that lives in this world but it was a different story if the mind that had control over the body now was Ren that lived in the modern world.He knows that the emotion or something that Ren experienced in this world greatly influenced his thoughts, but there is still a tiny little fear that crept out from the corner of his mind. Because this choice he made was something that cannot be retracted and will follow him until the day he dies.However, Ren grips the hilt tightly and grits his teeth while shaking his head to the side, dispersing the thought that keeps plagu
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Chapter 06 Completing the Quest 03
“Talentless?”.The woman perked her ear and opened her eyes wide hearing Jiha mention the boy who was holding the black blade before her eyes. She knows that term very well. As a person who lives in a high society a noble daughter possesses a huge amount of information and wealth. She squinted her eyes because of the rude remark from Jiha toward the boy. The word Talentless is considered taboo in this world because it is a sign that the person who unfortunately received it, is labeled as a person who was abandoned by God.Worried about the mental state of the boy before her. She turns her attention toward him only to find he keeps glancing at the empty air as if looking at something. “What is he doing?”. She muttered in her heart. Then she heard the boy click his tongue and spit some curses.“..Tch, looks like I have no choice then”.The boy in sight raised his fighting spirit and prepared his middle stance while gripping the black blade using his hands straight to his navel.The wo
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Chapter 07 Completing the Quest 04
Ren lunged forward, and as Jiha entered the range of his blade, he began his first strike with a diagonal slash from the bottom right, Jiha shifted his foot as he dodged the strike with minimal movement.However, Ren still didn't finish his attack. He kept swinging the blade trying to connect every swing he made toward another and made a fluid movement that looked like he was dancing with his blade. Jiha with his superior strength and speed kept dodging the onslaught with minimal movement, the corner of his mouth lifted as the embers in his heart began to burn more bright than ever.Then there is a gap in Ren's swing that Jiha senses. A vertical strike trying to cut open his skull began to descend at Jiha's head. The world turned gray before Jiha’s eyes and the trajectory of the blade slowed down before it was inches away from his skull. With a minimal movement he bent his upper body to the right side and using the backhand of his left fist smacked the side body of the blade, with i
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Chapter 08 Rewards.
The comfortable darkness that engulfed his mind began to fade. In his hazy consciousness, a melodious voice entered his ear giving solace to his entire being, slowly but surely Ren opened his eyes as the humming voice that entered his ear began to fade out and the first thing he saw upon awakening was.“Where is this?”.The unfamiliar high ceiling, a soft and comfortable bed embracing him. The warmth of sunlight light that passed through the opened window beside him roused his body up, as he heard a stunned voice beside him.“..You awake?”.Ren turned his attention and saw the little girl he knew open her eyes and lowered jaw. Then she snapped back and dashed away leaving him behind. “She was?”.He remembered that girl. She was the girl who got kidnapped by Jiha at that time. He is wondering where the hell this place is.The room feels a bit wide for a single person. The interior of the room was filled with a luxury item, the comfortable bed with a pure sheet. A four one-seater sofa
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Chapter 09 Another Quest
“Gratitude”.Ren turns his attention to the sack that probably contains a lot of coins by the looks of it. Without hesitation, he extended his right hand before taking the sack in his hand. The sack was pretty much light with the content inside, he wondered how much money was inside.“I am sorry. I know it was pretty rude of me to do this despite the thing you have done. But this is the only thing that appeared on my mind, so... would you accept it? “.He opened the sack and saw the glittering of big silver coins inside. He began to count the number of coins inside and there were ten of them. Ten silver coins.“Ah, It's okay. I will gratefully accept it. Thank you”.The other three look weirdly at Ren's behavior. Even after receiving his reward he still didn’t show much expression. He just closed the sack back and put it beside him unperturbed at the content inside. They wondered why the young man before them could control his emotions to such an extent.They could feel a trace of dis
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Chapter 10 Guild Adventure.
A night had passed since the day he received the second quest. Ren was shocked at first but when he read again the content he at least had a sigh of relief, because of the non-existence of a time limit and failure terms.Then after confirming the quest that he didn't know where to start he began to spend his day reading a book that had been lent by the maid in the palace.At first, he is struggling because it's been a long time since he read a book again after living in the slums. His mouth felt awkward at first but it gradually became better as he finished his first book about the History of the world. Ren was capable of reading because his parents were teaching him when he was little and when his father was still around. Not just reading, he also teaches about simple arithmetics. Then, he still kept reading and doing basic reading and counting until he lost his mother and lived in the slums.The content of the storybook was nothing but a myth that told him about the creation of the
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