Journey Of The Elemental Master

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Journey Of The Elemental Master

By: RnD OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In a world full of secrets and threats, Elron Wallace was born half-human, half-alien, unaware of his extraordinary heritage. When his father was killed in battle against a mysterious army of monsters known as the Dark Mist, Elron and his mother became their targets. With newfound lightning powers, Elron must learn his true identity while escaping pursuing monsters and finding unexpected allies in hidden places. Joining the ARMOR group, Elron learns to control his new powers while leading an epic battle to fight evil and defend the truth. However, when the existence of a dangerous artifact is revealed, the final battle tests the strength, courage, and loyalty of Elron and his friends. With the future of the world depending on his choices, Elron must discover his true power and face the ultimate betrayal to save everything he loves.

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For hundreds of years, the Viltrum nation has been tasked with protecting artifacts believed to have the power to rule the universe. One nation that really wants to control this artifact is the Dark Mist nation. Dark Mist is led by General Ustanac who has the ambition to dominate and colonize all the planets in the universe. The war between these two different races has continued for hundreds of years and someone unexpected will end it all.- Planet Nemeris-BOOM! BOOM!Several fiery explosions were seen on the planet which is very far from Earth. Dozens of warships floating in the air fired purple laser beams towards the land of the planet which was being shrouded in mist. There were also screams and screams from creatures in pain. Hundreds of people were seen fighting each other. Casualties can no longer be avoided. It looks like a big war is taking place.“Don't let them get the artifact!” A man with a thick mustache wearing white clothes with purple patterns ordered his men to con
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Great Sacrifice
General Ustanac continued to walk closer to the very valuable artifact. Alvar, who was already injured, could only look on helplessly as the monster was about to take the triangular shaped object.“We can't let him take the artifact. Everything will perish..." With his remaining strength, Alvar and his two friends rose to their feet to fight General Ustanac again.“Hey, ugly monster!” Bennedict shouted for General Ustanac while shooting fireballs at the monster. General Ustanac stopped in his tracks and turned to Bennedict. Once again he managed to fend off the thick-bearded man's fire attack. Even though his attack seemed futile, Bennedict continued to shoot fireballs at the formidable general. The goal was not to defeat the general, but simply to distract him.While General Ustanac was distracted, Alvar quickly ran towards the artifact embedded in a rock. He immediately released his electric power and shot it towards the stone embedded with the artifact.Instantly the stone fell apa
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Who Are You?
After experiencing an accident on planet Earth, Alvar, who was still injured, received treatment from Margareth. Even though Alvar was a stranger, Margareth continued to patiently care for Alvar. Gradually they got to know each other."How are your injuries, Alvar?" Margareth removed the bandage that was stuck to the forehead of the man with the thick mustache.“It seems to be better. Thank you very much, Margareth. I don't know what would have happened if you weren't there at that time. I don't know what to use, I have to repay all your kindness."Margareth smiled as she looked at Alvar's face. "Alvar, not all the kindness we do to someone must be repaid by the same person. The universe will definitely repay the kindness we have done in its own way."Alvar was increasingly amazed by the woman he had only known for a few days. He didn't expect that earthlings would have such a friendly nature."Alvar..." Margareth suddenly looked at Alvar's face seriously. She sat on the edge of the b
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Special Child
14 years later.“Eron! Elron! Come on, get out of your room. We're almost late.” Margareth shouted quite loudly from the 1st floor of her house. Not long after, a 12 year old teenager ran out of his room on the 2nd floor."Sorry I'm late. I just found my drawing book," said Elron while carrying a green bag on his shoulder.After 14 years had passed, Margareth's appearance had changed slightly. Her hair was cut short at shoulder length and her body looked a little fatter. That morning, in her SUV, Margareth took her only child, Elron, to school which was not far from her house.While driving her car, occasionally Margareth saw Elron sitting in the back seat. Elron looked gloomy at that."What is it, Honey?" asked Margaret."Mom, can I ask you something?"“Of course, Honey. Anything you can ask."“Mom, why do I change schools so often? I can't make many friends like this.”Margareth's face immediately changed. She looks sad. “I'm sorry, Elron. Our circumstances force us to move from pla
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Found Out
With his small plane, Mogul descended to earth alone. At that time, humans were not aware of its presence. The ship landed in a deserted meadow. It was already evening by then. There was the sound of wolves howling and crickets calling to each other.With his advanced technology, Mogul uses a tool that allows him to appear transparent. He does not want his presence to be known by creatures on planet Earth. “I have to find him as soon as possible.”***Alvar residence.Alvar, Margareth and Elron were gathering in the dining room for dinner. This has become a routine that the Alvar family does every day.“How was school today, Elron?” asked Alvar."There's nothing special." Elron answered with a flat face and did not look at his father's face. He doesn't seem to be in a good mood.“Elron, I have to tell you something. Looks like next month we have to move again from this place."Elron's expression immediately changed. He didn't seem to like hearing news from his father. "Move again? Why
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The End of the Knight
"Arggghhh...!" A scream of pain broke the silence of the night in the narrow alley.Mogul screamed in pain after his stomach was badly injured by a lightning shot from Alvar's hand. Apparently before Mogul's claws hit Alvar's face, Alvar immediately shot his electric power into Mogul's body. There was a gaping hole in Mogul's stomach. The lizard monster died instantly and its scaly body fell on Alvar's body beneath it.With great difficulty, Alvar lifted Mogul's corpse. His breath was short. “I have to return home immediately. They are in danger.”While walking quickly, Alvar took out his cell phone and immediately called Margareth."Hi, Darling. What took you so long? Did something happen?” asked Margareth from behind her cell phone.“Margareth. Listen to me carefully..."Hearing her husband's serious tone, Margareth's face suddenly tensed. “What really happened, Alvar? Are you okay?"“Hurry up and pack up our thing.. We have to get out of that house right now!"Margareth became incr
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Without hesitation, General Ustanac immediately thrust his sharp claws into Alvar's stomach. Alvar shouted very loudly. Blood poured out of Alvar's body. Instantly his face turned deathly pale.“Y-you will never find and master that artifact. I won't..." said Alvar in a weak voice.Hearing his enemy's words, General Ustanac became even more annoyed. He stared intently at Alvar's dying face while sinking his sharp claws even deeper. Alvar screamed even more in pain and suddenly he vomited fresh blood from his mouth. His hand gripped General Ustanac's hand tightly which was piercing his body until finally his hand suddenly fell limp, his breath exhaled for the last time. His life ended at the hands of General Ustanac.After successfully killing Alvar, General Ustanac looked disappointed. He felt he had failed to get information from the only person who knew the whereabouts of the artifact. From the top of the building, General Ustanac looked around him. This was his first time setting f
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Deep Regret
After traveling quite a distance, the car carrying Margareth and Elron arrived at a simple flat. They immediately got out of the car and Margareth immediately took out some cash from her backpack to rent one of the rooms there.As soon as the two of them entered the room, Margareth immediately took out her cell phone and tried to contact Alvar again, but she still didn't get any response. While waiting for his mother, Elron sat on the edge of the bed in the room and turned on an old television.“What happened to you, Alvar?” Margareth's tears began to drip down her cheeks. The feeling of anxiety and worry was unstoppable until suddenly...“Mom, come here quickly. Look!" Elron called, pointing at the television.Margareth wiped away the tears that rolled down her cheeks and immediately sat beside Elron. Her eyes immediately bulged wide when she saw a news story showing an adult man who was found dead in an alley not far from Margareth's previous residence."Oh no..." Margareth got up a
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Secret Power
Elron, who was still lying on the ground, was very surprised to hear the mysterious voice. He looked around and found no one there.“Wh-who are you?!” Elron dared to raise his voice. He felt both scared and curious.Immediately a large lizard monster appeared in front of Elron. The monster deliberately appeared to scare Elron. Elron's eyes immediately bulged and his mouth opened wide. He still half couldn't believe that what was in front of him was a wild monster.“W-who are you?!” Full of fear, Elron slowly got up and walked backwards away from the monster. He stared dumbfounded at the lizard monster in front of him. Elron was even more surprised when he realized that the monster could talk to him.“Hmmm, I suspect your father never told you about us. We are the Dark Mist nation that will rule this universe.”"You know my father?" Elron asked while holding his injured hand. While asking, his eyes glanced here and there to find a way out of there. He was sure that the monster had evil
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The True Statement
Elron's closed eyes suddenly opened wide. His blue eyes glanced here and there.“A-Am I dead?” Elron asked breathlessly.“Calm down, Elron. Relax... You're fine. Now you are in the hospital.” Margareth, who was sitting next to him, tried to calm her beloved child."What happened? My last memory was I met a large lizard monster.”“Elron, it was just a dream. Actually, you were injured because you fell into the ditch.”"No! Do not lie to me! I remember what happened to me! Please, tell me the truth, Mom!"Margareth lowered her head and sighed. At first she intended to lie to Elron so that Elron wouldn't be shocked, but it seemed she changed her mind. Margareth decided to tell Elron the truth.Margareth looked deeply at Elron's face who was still lying in the hospital bed. “Elron, I'm sorry. During this time I have done many mistakes to you. I lied to you a lot.”Elron listened carefully to every word that came out of his mother. A look of disappointment was clearly visible on the blonde
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