After several more hours of waiting, a letter arrived and the dispatcher quickly ride off, before the guards could respond to his sudden appearance.

One of the guards, after checking the sealed envelope promptly hurried inside to deliver it to his boss.

"A man on a power bike just tossed this inside the palace," the guard let out, with a bow.

El Capone was in his usual melancholy mood, and he peered at his man with a deep scowl.

"What's inside?"

"A letter, I guess."

El Capone looked closer at the envelope in the man's palm, and the logo seemed familiar.

"Deliver it to Banjo, and informed him to come to me now."

The man nodded once turned around and soon scurried out of sight.

A moment later, Banjo appeared in front of his boss, and the unhappy look on his face is enough for El Capone to know the source of the message.

"Am sure it's from your agent, where are my merchandise, and mercenaries?"

"They claimed the goods and the men were all ambushed by El Rapone, and they can't accoun
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