Andrea was the chairperson of the building committee, and she was seen seating along with lots of men in blue uniforms, while a long line of villagers was in her front.

She had been able to collect over ten million dollars, and it amazed her that those who she believed were poor, were keeping such an amount under their pillows.

Hours later, she peeked at the golden wristwatch in her hand and yawned and muttered. "We will be closing, and resuming tomorrow."

"Please attend to me, I have been in the queue since morning," the next man on the line pleaded.

"We will be attending to those on today's queue, before attending to newcomers. Which means you will be the first to be attended to tomorrow," Andrea answered back with a smile.

And the man, left with no choice grunted aloud and soon leave with a mournful look.

When the men were finally gone, the supervising committee arranged all the money into a big bag, then walked into the palace that is just a stone's throw from them.

El Capon
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