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Empty Space

By: RAYEEN OngoingFantasy

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Dean is desperately searching for the women she loves who disappeared three years ago without saying a word and that leave him completely nothing. He has a power, popularity and money that anything can buy yet at the end of the day he felt lonely. He thought that having a short break or cool off with her will clear his mind and put thing of what is important. Now he knows already what is important and must pay a price. He is paying every pain, sadness and agony until he can't stand it anymore. The worst thing is even if you can't stand the feelings, you still have to go through it all. Every year of the month as the days pass and every minute of hours as seconds beat on the clock. Then Rhianne suddenly walked into his life again when he least expecting it. Now Dean swore on his tenth generation that he will do everything to make her stay. Can he really make her stay?

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Dean's P.O.V. SOLROS Artisan Competition 2020 Dean is currently at a meeting as the SOLROS Artisan competition will be starting in a matter of hours. SOLROS artisan competition is held every three years. Their main goal is to gather every artist around the world. The artists should be known and recommended by their respective companies. There are five participants in the group and every participant should have different skills. The artist covered the field of interior designer, furniture designer, fashion designer, painter, and jewel designer. A lot of groups of artists are picked meticulously and they are already in the semi-final. That means there are only three remaining groups. He was bored and wanted to get out but his co-judges are still very active in preparation for the competition. The judges are all young CEO of a large companies. They are also the one who is funding it. When he decided to take a leave that's when the door opens. "Finally..." He felt that an angel
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Dean's P.O.V.He moves forward but it pained him when he saw that she move backward. He felt that something is building up inside his heart that tightens his chest and caused him discomfort."What? You can hug every man in there and I can't?" He tried to corner and hug her really tight but she slapped him hard leaving him a shocked."I said stop it." Her voice is cold and flat. From that moment even if he can't admit it, she is not the same Rhianne he knows. "What do you want Mr. Erdino?" He felt a shiver straight through his spine. He utters no word, his heart twisting in pain. He never thought that hearing his surname is quite painful.That's when he set his usual poker face."Why did you resign three years ago, is it because I ask you about the cool off?" This time she doesn't say anything. When she said nothing he continued."We are just cooling off, why did you resign? I didn't ask you to resign and get lost in my life." He
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"Do you miss me?" He nods slowly and she blushed as the sun stood high above them."Have you eaten already?" He smiled a little when he saw her blushing. He can't help thinking whether it is the sun that causes her to blush or it is him. He secretly hopes that it's him though.  "No." He said. Rhianne moves away and walks backward a few steps yet his body reacted as if something is missing. He tried to hug her but Rhianne touched her both arms and smiled. "Let's eat." He can't help but smile too. How can he let her down?"So, how was your work?" Rhianne said while they are eating. They are currently eating on the rooftop. They shared a year of relationship and a year of hiding it. This year is the prime and the most crucial moment of his career, he is currently a trainee in managing their family business. He also had a part-time job as a model, with his face and body it isn't a surprise that he is famous. "I'
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He tried to search the table again for the third time. When he cannot find it he tried to search the place near the table.He was busy searching for the bracelet until someone bumped into his head. He was surprised to see Aurora."What are you still doing here?" Aurora asked him with uneasiness."Nothing, I'm just finding something." Aurora simply nodded the walked away."Wait.." He grabs Aurora in one of her arms. Her eyes focus on where his hand lay then he suddenly gets his hand back."Ahhmm, if by any chance, have you seen a bracelet like this?" He showed her the picture of the bracelet on his cell phone. Aurora just stands still."No, I didn't. If I were you I will stop searching for it. They always clean the room as soon as the set is finished." She said and walked away."Really" This time he doesn't know what to do. He asked every maintenance and janitor he saw but nobody saw it.He even tried to search every trash bin h
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"I am not sick, I just felt sorry for nagging you." He just nodded but his thought and feelings keep bugging him. After they eat, they go to the counter and paid their meals. Since it is self-service.Then they went to the park and rent a bicycle.They ride one of them, Dean is driving carefully though his mind is full of thought, while Rhianne's hand is on his waist. She momentarily closed her eyes while her hair is dancing in the wind.When they heard that their stomach is going to war they decided to eat the food prepared by Rhianne. It's a combo chicken sandwich and dessert with honey lemon juice and cucumber."Hmmmnnn..." Dean widened his eyes as he taste the sandwich.This is one of the things that I can't let go of when it comes to Rhianne.She makes delicious food a top-notch at that. He felt like crying. Then she looks at him again.Thinking about it makes him feel like a jerk.
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Dean’s P.O.V. His eyes look at the cottage where Rhianne is. He wanted to ask why every participant is divided by their group in terms of sleeping.    There are four men in that cottage with Rhianne inside and that makes him crazy.   After that night, he never saw Rhianne again. He checked her information and HR said that Rhianne had already resigned. He felt his heart just breaking into pieces and shattered everywhere until it was nowhere to be found.    I tried every way to find her but even her parents don’t give any information. After Rhianne left, his life is never the same, he felt something is missing.    He pushed himself to work and promised his father that he will be as powerful and influential enough to withstand hardship.    Of course, he still needed Aurora’s help but he clearly states their limitations. They are just friends and Aurora ha
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She lost track of how long she's staring at the ceiling. One thing is for sure, she's starting to feel that her head throb's, her heart still felt the pain and her mind is in a mess.    Why can’t he move on, he is the one who ends things.    “He still loves me....” She is lying to herself if she admits that she didn’t felt happy but the pain is still there.    She knows that loving a person solely by emotion won’t be enough. Especially if it is Dean, love will never be enough...   Flashback...  “There is nothing you can do right now.” She stared at the floor.   “No! I cannot accept that, you once loved me.. I... I can make you love me again..” She smiled painfully.    Why every time he is near all she can feel is how painful loving this man is.    Missing him, loving hi
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Rhianne’s P.O.V. “Dean you are... you are crazy..” She never thought that there will be a day that they will come to this point of the situation.  Dean shamelessly flaunting their relationship, if there is any. However, this makes her heart moved.  Unconsciously her hand move and put the bracelet on his wrist. Her eyes widened and her body felt warm as he hugged her.  “I found you at last.” He whispered in her ears. Dean moves swiftly as they walk out through the stage living everyone behind. Ten minutes later... Her eyes are fixed on the bracelet seeing nothing as the situation sinks into her pretty head. “That... that is... that was five hundred thousand dollars.” She stared at the bracelet on her wrist. She stands up and held Dean's hand. “We have to go
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“Aurora, you may leave.” Mr. Ernido said. “But..” Her face want to stay, but when he saw Mr. Ernido’s face. Her eyes slowly move and are glued to the ground. “I have to talk to her.” Aurora seems to be frustrated with the situation. Somehow, she said nothing when she left. “Hi, Miss Condes.” I look at him, he looks older than the last time I last saw him. Even his body seems to weigh less. “Why are you here?” I wish that my voice didn’t give away my nervousness. “I just want to clear something.” He said in a serious voice. My heart starts to beat fast and my hand is sweating. My inside feels stuffy as if something wants to come out. This kind of scene felt familiar. Even my heart recognized the needles that spike my heart, slowly yet it goes deeper over time. “I can’t do it anymore, Sir,” I whispered as tears ran down my face while he stood there and watched me silently. “I am sorry for coming back. I thought that I at least pretend that Dean is not here. I know that I am st
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Dean’s P.O.V.I felt that my whole world just turned upside down when I opened my eyes. After a moment that my consciousness regained, I flinch as I felt my head hurt. Why do they have to knock me out on the head? But even if my head hurts, that didn't stop me to use my body and struggling. When it doesn't work, I lift my head to scan the area.I saw Rhianne sitting not so far from me. Her hand is tied at the back of the chair, her ankle is tied as well as her body in a rope around the chair just like me.My eyes roam around the place. The room where we are adducted is dim. The moon is the only light in the room.However, the light is enough to see that we are in a room full of a mirror.“Just what is happening here...”My instinct doesn't feel right.As if something bad is going to happen.What happened?Ahh... The last time I remember was a man with no face at all. Thinking about it makes me feel creepier.I closed my eyes as the light spread in the room.Then I heard footsteps
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