Wings Over the Sea

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Wings Over the Sea

By: Crystalk17 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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What would you do to get home to your loved ones? Would you change yourself and your values? Owen a plain ordinary human gets transported to another world. A world that revolves around money. To help himself get home he slowly gets up the ranks to a sea captain. It only took seven years. His luck seemed to turn around when he finds and captures a young dragon blood. A dragon blood is a six-inch human with physical dragon characteristics like wings, a tail, and scales. Will Owen go through with selling a teenager for money just to get home to his own family?

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The Dragon and the Captain
Staring past the shimmering gold bars made for a bird, the young Dracnascule flapped his wings in irritation. From being in the same place for close to a month he knew trying to escape was futile.Sitting down with crossed legs and arms to mirror his frustration, Brorym thought back to all of his escape attempts. Maybe the young dragon missed something?Within the first few hours of being captured, Brorym attempted several times to slip his body through the narrow openings between the bars. All it took was one body part to be free and Brorym knew the rest would follow. This was probably the moment Owen decided the small creature was not the brightest. It only took one hour to capture then cage the small creature. Within two hours Owen walks back into his cabin finding only half of Brorym's body sticking out between the bars while the other half was flailing back and forth. What was even more humiliating was the fact it only took one measly hand from the human, along wit not a lot of p
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The Background Characters
"Pour me a pint, Samuel!"Outside, the world was calming down. The sun has gone three-fourths through the sky. The closer it got to the sea, the dimmer the light seemed to radiate. Pink and purple streaked across the sky, indicating the end of the day.This was the time of day you either looked forward to a relaxing dinner, or you dreaded the beginning of a shift. Coming down the stairs, Riker was already ready for his afternoon beer after a day of nothing. It was typical to have a few days of travel, but this was getting ridiculous."Any sign of a heading?" The cook, Samuel, asked as he poured some smooth brown liquid into a wooden pint."No." Riker sat down at the wooden table in the corner of the ship. When the crew was not on top, they usually congregated in this corner of the ship. There was a long table, bolted-down chairs for the men to relax in, and a bar behind them filled to the rim with so-called food and whiskey. Neither was appetizing, but all crew members needed nourish
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Storm From the Sea
With one hand grabbing at the desk for dear life, the other reached up and grabbed the edge of the birdcage before it came crashing to the ground. Owen waited until the ship went over the crest of the next wave before even attempting to stand on both legs once more. Left...lean...rightttt...turn then lean. He had to wait until the ship was at sea level before he could even try to move. If he tried to run up the stairs to his crew or maneuvered around on deck while the ship was at the crest or trough then he might as well be dead. Through the years on a ship, he's watched cocky sea men topple right over the side of the railing all because they weren't patient. A man who thinks they can control the ocean was a stupid one. Through the wooden floorboards, he could feal the movement come to a halt. He knew not to be fooled. They were far from the tossing and turning from being over. This was the beginning of a storm. This was his time. Grabbing whatever he could, Owen wrapped his finger
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The Sea is Never Gentle
Running to the hold of the ship, Owen's feet stepped into water. Looking around frantically he noticed his crew was running back and forth between the giant hole in the wall which was rushing buckets and buckets of water by the second and running to get wood planks to cover the hole. About three men were running back and forth with planks while two were hammering away. As they got one plank on to reduce the water gushing in, another spot would start leaking. The water was too rough for them to travel any longer. Every hit of the waves was causing more and more damage to the haul. It was so strong the water would start wearing away at the wood or start chipping away at some parts, so water would leak through. At some point, a wave hit so perfectly that it blasted a hole in the bottom of the ship.Running towards his men, Owen made sure to bring the cage up closer to his head to make sure the small dragon didn't drown or get too wet. As he looked down to make sure his feet weren't hitti
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The Island
The sun blares down on his body. As he shakes his leg slowly his arms moved up and down feeling the soft grainy sand against his arms. It took a few seconds to register he could cover his eyes with one arm. Sitting up Owen felt his back cracking and realigning into place. Where was he?All he could get out of his throat was a groan of irritation and confusion until water came recalling up his throat. He had to force himself to bend over to get the excess water and salt taste out of his mouth unless he wanted to drown on land. The liquid torture passes by his lips making him even more thirsty even though all the liquid was exciting him.Coughing up the last few drops he brushes his lips before he looked all around him.Palm trees, sand, sun, even noises of birds all around him. He had to be on some island. He crushed his hand into a fist. Once he felt nothing, worry flashed across his face. "Brorym."Jumping up on his legs, he looked all around himself. He had to make sure the little c
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The Captain vs. His own Crew…Plus a Dragon
Change of perspective BrorymThe Captain...he was taken. The human who was the reason why he could never have his freedom was captured. He had to take a few seconds to process all this. Within a few hours, he was taken out of the cage, gotten away from the very human who captured him, and now he had the perfect opportunity to just take off. He could just fly right off this island and never look back. What was stopping him from abandoning everyone to live his own life? His conscience. That is what was stopping him...and curiosity. Captain Owen was the only one who could answer his questions, and he was no one to just leave behind people who could die because of opportunity. Yeah, he would be saving himself, and Owen deserved it, but Brorym would never forgive himself if he took off now leaving all of these people stranded. Why did he have to care?Once Owen was out of sight, Brorym flared his wings out. He made sure they were dry before flapping them. His clawed feet left the branch gi
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Maybe There is Hope Yet
Marching through the forest Owen got as much of a distance as he could from the others. If he could just get to the other side of this jungle he could develop a plan. Maybe there was a college over there. Maybe there were more supplies to make a raft. He just knew he needed to get away from those greedy bastards as fast as he could. He was lucky to get out alive and he knew it. If the small halfbreed wasn't there, he didn't k ow what he would do. "Owen! Hey, Owen wait up!" He stopped in his tracks looking down at the ground in a sigh. He thought he left everyone behind. Brorym landed on a branch to be at eye level with the human. He was surprisingly out of breath. "I...said...wait." Turning towards the dragon he answered so irritated. "I said call me Captain- forget it." he looked at the tiny now puzzled. "How are you out of breath? You can fly?" Looking over at Owen, the teen frowned in irritation. "Chasing you. I had to avoid vines, trees, plus your not as slow as you look." Th
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