El Ramon was seen yelling at some of his men in anger. He faced the man he had sent to snoop out the truth from his brother's palace, sneered, and asked.

"Did you see the consequences of your lies?"

"I was fooled by an old woman, am so sorry, please."

"And you can't patiently seek the truth, before coming back to deceive me?"

"So sorry, my lord. It was a mistake on my side, and I promised it won't happen again."

"There won't be another time, as you are banished from my palace, and I will take your head when next I set my eyes on you."

The man gaped with an open mouth and quickly scrambled out before the angry prince change his mind, and demand his head now.

"And you," El Ramon whirled at another man, peeked at him for a while, then asked. "When are you meeting her again?"

"Until she called for me," Kurt answered back, with a slight nod.

"Tell her that I appreciate all her effort, and both of you will be rewarded handsomely when everything is okay."

"Thank you, my lord. I will
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