Three men walked close to the palace amid slums, branched left at a T-junction beside it, and entered a local bar, that is filled to the brim with men dressed in red uniforms.

All eyes felled on the oddly dressed men, as they stepped close to the barman, at the far corner of the rectangular-shaped bar.

"A bottle of liquor and three cups." The tall and weary-looking man mumbled to the surly-looking barman, that was glaring at them as if they were some kind of extinct species.

"This bar is only for the Redwitch mafias," the barman announced, after some moment of glaring.

"We are strangers and need a place to water our dried throat. You won't deny some poor travelers this humble need."

"We have money, and will pay handsomely for our drink."

The barman glanced at the back of the men in his front, looked sharply back at the newcomers, and whispered.

"Go to Johji Inn, you are not welcome here."

"In that case, we will be on our way."

All eyes still fell on the three men, as they walk

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